Tuesday, February 21, 2012


That's right people---I'm in an outfit rut! I have spent a good portion of the night browsing my old outfit posts looking for inspiration. I think the majority of my dilemma stems from the internal battle I have with this season and weather. In my head it's February which means jeans, boots, scarves but realistically it's been 80* outside which means shorts, sundresses, and sandals. I'm already in a spring/summer state of mind. Today at work I was even looking at bathing suits!

This happens every year---September rolls around and we are still experiencing major summer temps here in Florida but all of the awesome bloggers I follow around the US are already wearing all of these amazing fall get-ups. I whine and complain about the heat desperately ready for the weather to cool and the boots to emerge. Then, in February when I should be still embracing my winter/fall accessories, it's 80's and all I can think are summer, skin, and beach!

Since I don't have an outfit to share, I am going to share everything that is on my mind...

I know I have no room to complain as the weather here is nice----hopefully your winter, where ever it may be, is mild and bearable. Any spring or summer items you are craving? Share please! 

Hope your week is going well!!!!

xo Mere


  1. What a beautiful summery and bright post!

  2. I really love the second suit you posted.

    I think I want to buy a really brightly colored every day handbag for the Spring/Summer. I've been eying this Michael Kors bag:


    I'm torn between the Electric Pink or Tangerine

    1. I love both of those but I think I love the tangerine a little more! Gorgeous bag. I just ordered one of those bathing suit---downtime at work does not suit my bank account. ;-)

  3. Those Steve Madden beauties look like a dupe of your gorgeous MK wedges! Hope you're having a great week! xo, tasha

    1. Thy are super close. Must be why I'm do drawn to them ;-)



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