Saturday, January 14, 2012

Outfit: Me with my Pup

Fitzgerald decided to accompany me in my picture taking this week. He never just sits down and relaxes while we are taking pictures so these were a treat. He usually is so excited to see us home after a long day of being alone.

Working somewhere that really has a minimal dress code lends itself to sometimes get too casual. We are able to wear anything to work really and while I do work at a fashion retailer, I work in Finance (Read: people in finance typically are not the front of the pack when it comes to everyday fashion). I have noticed myself dressing more and more casual so for this outfit, I decided it is time to kick it up a notch.

Tank: Target
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Skirt: Express
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Headband: Old Navy

I love kisses from Fitzy!!

My next half marathon is four weeks out. It's the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in St Pete. There are live bands at every mile mark and a large concert at the finish line. This week it was announced that the big concert at the end is Flo Rida. Yay! I really love all kinds of music so really any one they had I'd be thrilled but I am super excited it's Flo Rida. I love this recent song of his:

This morning my husband and I ran 10 miles in 50* weather. We assumed (incorrectly) that the temp would rise as the sun came up but no such luck. We were wearing shorts and no jackets. It was windy and cold and my poor body was freezing. Despite this, the run was great and I am feeling really good about this race!

I hope all have a great weekend! I'm just relaxing today and going to church tonight, maybe get some scrapbooking in later. 

xo Mere


  1. Awww, everytime you feature your puppy I die! So cute!
    You live in a beautiful place!

  2. Cute pup and gorgeous view! ;-)

  3. Very cute= i love that cardi!



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