Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Outfit: Leopard and a Little Puppy Lovin'

Here is the scenario----about a month ago on lunch I decided to run to Target to pick up a few things. The first thing that made this trip a little different was what I spotted outside of the front door:
This poor little guy was tied to the post, looking so eagerly at everyone that passed by. I decided that if he was still there on my way out, he would be a new pal for Fitz.

Once I passed through the doors I did my usual rounds---makeup, nail polish, grown up fruit roll-ups, and ended up at the shoes (no brainer right!) I start perusing the isles and I was immediately drawn to a gorgeous red chunky heeled pump. I immediately put down my goodies, kick of my heels and try them on. At that exact moment I get a call from the hubs--figures right. I answer very innocently and after some banter back and forth, here is how the conversation went:

H: Where are you?
M: Target
H: Oh geez, what are you getting now?
M: Just some things I needed to pick up
H: Where are you right now?
M: Uhh in the shoe section? (notice the ? as if I was asking him where I was)
H: Put the box of shoes down
M: I'm not actually holding any in my hands at the moment
H: Take them off your feet and get out of there

Haha----he knows me so well! I reluctantly gathered my things put the shoes back and headed to the check out. (Update: the pup was picked up by his owner so no friend for Fitz). When I got back to work I immediately emailed my whole family informing them of these shoes as a Christmas present----lucky for me, I got them in red AND leopard! Woo hoo!!

Jeans: Banana Republic, buy here
Top: H&M
Blazer: WH|BM
Heels: Target, buy here

...and my favorite picture of all!!!!! My Fitzy!

I hope you guys have a great night---I have chocolate chip cookies in the oven so I plan on watching the Heat game and eating some yummy cookies!

xoxo Mere

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  1. Awww, I love the picture of the doggie above. Too bad you couldn't take him home! The conversation you and the hubs had made me LOL! So funny! I feel like my fiance and I have had a similar situation.

    <3 the shoes Mere! I actually saw them the other day but couldn't find any in my size. They look beautiful.



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