Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm Getting Organized!

That's right! I am finally getting organized. I'm not an overly disorganized person but I love having a place for everything and when we moved into the new place in September, I decided I was not putting things away in "wrong" places merely for the sake of putting it away. Having things out and in sight kept the need for organization at the front of my mind, driving my husband a little crazy in the meantime---oops!

The main areas where I needed the most organization were my craft area, belts, jewelry, and race medals. My husband is great and helped me in all of these areas to organize.

The easiest of these were the belts. One weekend during a trip to Ikea, we spotted these bins for around $8. I only needed the narrow, smaller ones for the belts so the larger ones have my undergarments in them. Here is what it looks like now (not super exciting---I understand!) but it brings me so much joy to be able to see all of the belts when looking for something to wear.

Next was the craft room. I would say that I am an avid crafter---I love all things scrapbooking and sewing and just crafting in general really. I had some organization pieces from Jo-Ann's that were purchased a few years ago but that have since been discontinued so I was pretty doubtful that I would find the same coordinating pieces. We had decided on a rail system from Ikea but right before we made a final decision on that, we found a woman on eBay that was selling the same exact organization system I had started with---her husband built her a craft room so she had no need for it any longer. I scored 85% of this wall system for $0.99 and $23 for shipping---weird right! But I love it!!!

The only remaining craft related piece to organize is my scrapbook paper (see the large stack there, that's one of two). I have categorized the paper into about 40 different categories and am looking to re-create this chest from Martha Stewart. I really want to find an antique or vintage-type chest so it doesn't look like what it actually is.

My jewelry was probably the biggest disaster. Everything has been laid across my dresser with hopes that nothing accidentally got knocked off or mixed up. Whatever I hadn't worn lately was still in a box from moving. One day while browsing Pinterest, I found this on sale on Etsy----it was immediately added to my Christmas list and my husband pulled through as always. 

I love that it holds everything plus now that I can actually see everything I have, I am more likely to wear pieces that have long been forgotten.

Lastly, my husband got me a holder for all of my (our) race medals. Previously the medals were hanging on the headboard of our bed and on the corners of the mirror on my dresser. I love this idea, seeing all of my accomplishments really has inspired me to get back into the training program (vacation and Christmas derailed me a bit).

As you can see, I am going to be starting the New Year off right in the organization department. It's amazing how much better if feels to have stuff organized and put in its rightful spot. Thanks to my dear husband for his patience while I waffled back and forth trying to decide on just the right pieces. 

I feel like I have a lot of posts to make up so hopefully I can catch up this weekend. We went to Colorado the week before Christmas and I have some really great pictures to share. Also I have Christmas pictures and 2011 reflections to share. I love this time of year----reflecting on the past, growing and learning and starting fresh!

Do you have any other organization ideas to share? Send them my way!

xo Mere

Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Time for Christmas!!

It's almost Christmas time my friends. Here is what is going on in my world.

All of the presents are wrapped and waiting to be unleashed!

And all of my baking is done...

Min Chocolate Cupcakes

Reindeer Cupcakes

...and melting Snowman Sugar cookies.

Are you all ready for the exciting Christmas Weekend!?!

xo Mere

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Love Banana Republic!

Readers, I know most of you are already aware of my pure love and adoration for Banana Republic. Well, they have really out down themselves this time.

On Cyber Monday, I took advantage of the awesome deals that BR was having and I got quite a few gifts for my husband (and a couple for me, no brainer right). Well the package was delivered to my condo two weeks ago and signed by the woman at the front desk. Typically packages are placed in a closet that is only unlocked Monday through Friday 8-5 or opened by the night time security guards.

Apparently, the box was so full of goodies that it was too heavy for her to carry to the closet so she left it out and asked someone else to bring it to the closet. Long story short, the package was not put away and was taken by someone else.

I was so upset as the package was a couple hundred dollars and I wouldn't be able to get those discounts again. I called BR asking if any of the items were returned for some kind of lead, which they were not. After my explaining to the operator what happened with no intention of a refund, the woman insured me they will reship the package of anything in stock or refund the money---which they have!

Totally amazing. I cannot believe it. What a great company that knows how to keep their customers happy!

Here is a little video to hopefully make you smile! Christmas is coming!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick updates

I am in Colorado on vacation with my husband but I thought I'd share some quick iPhone pics I have taken since we left.

I painted my nails in what I think of when thinking of a winter wonderland. I painted my nails with Essie Marshmallow and then used Essie Carnival for my ring finger accent finger. This has been one of my favorite combinations lately.

Driving from Denver to Beaver Creek----gorgeous!

First time ever standing on a frozen lake!!! One person that was also at the lake said it was 8" thick (apparently very thick) but that did not ease my mind---I was nervous! This Florida Girl cannot comprehend walking on water (unless you are Jesus ;-)

Beautiful view on my run today. My hubs and I ran this morning. This was our first time running in weather colder than 50's. It was 25° while we were running. The higher altitude definitely made me work harder but we got two miles in. Looking at the snow covered mountains while running was gorgeous.

Lastly I did a new kind of messy bun for me. I put my hair in a normal ponytail then loosely braided it. I wrapped the loose braid around one time, securing with a hair tie. Super easy but a little more interesting than a typical bun.

We are having a great time here in Colorado. We really have been enjoying each other and relaxing. I love vacations like this---make me really appreciate my relationship and just gives me time to enjoy being together.

I cannot believe Christmas is about a week away. Luckily all of my shopping is complete. I just need to DIY two of my gifts that I plan on giving to family members (gotta love Pinterest)!

I hope your week has been fantastic and I wish you all the best weekend ever. If you are out shopping, I wish you luck and patience. :-)

xo Mere

- Posted on location...a day in the life of me!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Outfit and My First Naked 2 Look

Hey guys! I have an outfit for you finally. I have been sick lately and between that and all of the running, I haven't really prioritized cute outfits---shameful I know ;-)

I woke up this morning and the temp was in the 40's. I was shocked I had no idea it was going to be that cold! A nice surprise I must say. It's been pretty warm for the last two weeks and I was starting to wonder if it really was December here.

Sequin Cami: Express
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: Express
Boots: Steve Madden

In my post about the Naked 2 palette, I mentioned that I think my favorite colors at first glance were Pistol and Verve. Well after two days of using the palette, my initial reaction was correct. I love these colors. This morning I used Pistol in the crease, Verve on the Lid, and Booty Call as a highlight. To darken the crease, I used Gunmetal from the original palette. I love these shadows!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY my friends. I only have two more work days until my vacation----Colorado for a week!!!

Have a great night guys!

xo Mere

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Get Naked...Again!

Despite the fact that I was late to the inital Naked Palette Craze, I was on the site the instant I saw the Naked 2 was out. I received the email around noon and had four failed attempts to purchase the palette since the website was so backed up. At about 3:00, I was finally able to throw that bad boy in my cart (I actually got two, one for my bestie) and checkout.

I received it in the mail yesterday and have to say so far, looking good! I haven't used it yet but I love that there are more matte colors and especially the matte black. Here are some pics and swatches.

These swatches have no primer underneath so the pigments aren't as bold as they would be otherwise. On first glance, Pistol and Verve seem like my favorites. I also love the matte colors. Foxy matches my skin tone exactly which will be great for blending. 

The palette came with a sample of Gold Eyeliner in El Dorado and a lip gloss in Naked which is a pinky-nude color. Haven't tried the eyeliner yet but I love the lip gloss.

The Urban Decay site sold out the initial 5,000 units that same day but I did get an email that they had more in stock today but again are sold out. You can click here and sign up for email notification when more arrive.

Let me know what you think of the palette. Overall I think it's a great deal and has tons of colors that will get used often. I love the original Naked Palette but I think this one has better colors for every day use.

Have a great night all!

xo Mere


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