Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outfit: Black and Taupe!

Hey! This week has been a very long week and I am ecstatic is almost over. Tomorrow is finally Friday! Today's outfit is quick and easy, just a tank and cardi. I love when simple outfits look like more than they actually are. I took a ton of pictures today since Fitz was feeling very photogenic. I took these right when I got home and he was very excited to see me.

Pants: Michael Kors
Tank: Banana Republic
Cardi: Express
Heels: JS by Jessica Simpson

Yes I am a crazy dog lover that gives my dog kisses :-)

I love these shoes but I don't wear them too often, they are comfortable, but only for about 6 hours. They just start to rub towards the end of the day. Thank God for Blister Block from Band-Aid. If you haven't tried this, it's amazing! Any time there is rubbing it keep it from blistering, immediate relief. The best!
Has anyone tried this? What are your secrets for when shoes get a little painful?

Happy Friday friends!! xoxo


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey Gleeks: Get Slushied!

I found it, my new favorite nail polish for Spring/Summer! OPI for Sephora has a line for Glee and this is the one called Slushied

It has a great formula and I love the brightness of the color and the lack of shimmer is nice for a change too.

Some other colors from this line I like are:
Diva in Training

Hell to the No

Mash Up

Have any of you tried these?? It's so summery and makes me wanna dance! :-)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Outfit: Black Tie Gala

I am finally blogging my outfit from the Film Festival Black Tie Gala on Wednesday night. This is the first annual Film Festival for our area. There wasn't a lot of publicity for this event so we didn't even buy tickets until Monday but I'm so glad we did.

Dress: White House Black Market
Clutch: Jessica McClintock
Silver Heels: Nina
Black Heels: Diba

When we arrived at the Gala, there was a red carpet leading to a group of photographers that were taking photos for the event. I found these two on the Film Festival's Facebook page.

Right after I took the pictures at home, the silver shoes started squeaking so I switched to the black heels since I didn't have time to investigate the squeak :-)

Once we got into the building, we got a drink and headed inside to watch the movies. The first one was called Meth and was about a meth addict. The second movie was A Midsummer Sex Comedy and starred Luke Perry among other actors. This movie was a romantic comedy and was half English and half Swedish with subtitles. The Meth movie was more interesting to me and left me wanting more. Hopefully we get to go tomorrow to watch a few more movies. This was such a fun experience and actually felt like we were in a different town. Really fun and was awesome to try something new.

Have any of you ever gone to a Film Festival? Did you love it?

Happy Saturday Night!

xo Mere

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Outfit: Quick and Khaki!

HEYHEY! I just got home from the Local Film Festival Gala. It was great and I got to dress up as it was Black Tie, more on that tomorrow when I'm not totally exhausted and delirious. I got to wear a skirt today that I bought this weekend. I love this style of skirt even though my husband described it as "homely" this morning---men! lol

Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: White House Black Market, buy here
Heels: Jessica Simpson

This is going to be a quick post but as an update, I decided to overnight my bag to my peep in hopes she can exchange. I called Banana today to have the bag put on hold but they said they will only hold for 24 hours so if she can't get there tomorrow, I might not get the bag. If she can't exchange it, then I am going to keep the one with the spot but I thought it can't hurt for her to try and exchange it! Fingers crossed!

Happy Wednesday! Let's pray tomorrow goes by faster than today---today was longest day ever!! 

xo Mere

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outfit with Some Newbies...

Hey girls (and guys)! It's that time again---outfit! I used a lot of my new items today so I get to share---yay! I should have gotten better pictures of the detail on this top, I love the "crochet"-ishness of it. I think I need to get a nude tank to go underneath because all I have is white and you can see the white on the neckline sometimes.

I have to share these shoes from Steve Madden---I am in LOVE! I think I may have to order these in the nude color too, or maybe the gold glitter (decisions!). They were beyond comfortable after wearing all day and I love the sandal itself.

Top: Anthropologie, buy here
Jeans: Old Navy
Sandals: Steve Madden, buy here
Bag: Banana Republic

So, we need to discuss the bag. I love this bag. The leather is super soft and it's huge and is blue! With that being said, I have a dilemma. Today is the first day I have taken this out of the bag. I took all of the filling out, cut the tag, and slapped it happily on my shoulder this morning. At lunch I noticed there is a faded, discolored spot on the side. It looks like a lighter blue color and it's probably a 3" diameter circle. 

I called the Banana Republic in town and they said I can return it no problem but here are the issues: The bag is only in Aventura Miami and in Dallas. They can't do an "exchange" with the bag in a different store but they can refund my the cash at my store and then I can order the one from Aventura and have it shipped. However I bought the bag with the 30% off this weekend, saving $60 so I would lose that discount. It's not super noticeable at all, especially when it's closed, pretty much I know it's there. Maybe once the bag gets worn in, you will be able to notice it even less.

So what do you think? What would you do? I really am leaning towards just keeping it as I don't think it's worth $60. The only other option is to mail it to my bestie in Ft Lauderdale and have her exchange it, if they even have any blue left! Whatcha think??

Tomorrow night is the local Inaugural Film Festival and I was so torn on what to wear. It's a Film Festival and I have read things that say to wear what you normally wear to the movies. However, the event we are attending is the Opening Night Gala. I called the box office to inquire of the dress code and the guy that answered the phone said this (and I quote) "it's Florida casual...uh wait...nope it's Black Tie". He didn't seem too confident in his response---yikes!

I am thinking of wearing a little black cocktail dress and the hubs wearing a suit, just to be safe. Have any of you been to anything like that? I'm super excited!

Ok--sheesh long post huh? I hope your day was awesome! Thanks for stopping by! 

xo Mere

Monday, March 21, 2011

Outfit: New Anthro Top!

Hey guys! It's Monday...again! I had such a great weekend so I was definitely sad to see it go. This is one of the tops I bought this weekend at Anthropologie. I love the twisted neckline of this top and I love that it's not symmetrical.

Jeans: Express Barely Boot
Top: Anthropologie
Bracelet: Anthropologie
Wedges: Old Navy

We have a film festival starting this week with local artist, directors, producers, and actors and their work. I love supporting locals so I am really excited to go to the Opening Night Gala on Wednesday. I need to decide what to wear, maybe a simple cocktail dress will have to do. 

It's that time again so I am off to make some dinner---spaghetti! I could eat spaghetti all of the time, yummy!

Happy Monday!

xo Mere

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Outfit for a Night on the Town

Friday after work I headed to Fort Lauderdale for my bestie's birthday. We had a room at the Hyatt Hotel Pier 66. It was so cute and cozy, a shame it was only one night. We ended up going to America's Backyard. I had never been there before but it really was a lot of fun! It's an outdoor bar that looks like a backyard. Here's what I wore:

Jeans: Express
Top: Michael Kors
Shoes: Steve Madden, discussed here
Bangle: Guess
Peacock ring (which you can't see :-( Charming Charlie's)
Eyeshadow: I used Smashbox Ink in the outer "v", Lorac in Celebutante in the Crease and Urban Decay Narcotic on the lid. I used MAC Brule as a highlight. (excuse the eyebrows, they look much better currently since I plucked today.)

On Saturday, we woke up after a littler recovery and hit Aventura Mall. This mall is the most perfect mall ever. If I was given a shopping spree I'd want to go here. I did some serious damage and I'll show you soon as I am not too lazy to take pictures. As a miniature, non-picture preview, I purchased things from Lululemon, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, White House Black Market, Sephora, and I think that is it. Love everthing I got! Can't wait to share :-)

Happy Sunday night---enjoy it!

xo Mere

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Outfit: A Little Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hey guys! I hope you all had some yummy corned beef and cabbage and some green beer to celebrate this awesome holiday. The hubs and I ate this at his dad's house---so good! I don't have much green in my wardrobe so I decided to wear my Liberty of London Target top. This shirt doesn't get much use but I like it nonetheless.

Pants: Express
Top: Liberty of London for Target
Sandals: Ann Taylor Loft

Tomorrow's Friday! I am heading to Fort Lauderdale to celebrate my friend's birthday tomorrow after work, I think it will be a blast!!! Happy St. Pat's Day! Did you wear green??

xo Mere


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