Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to Reality...

Monday--seriously the most dependable day of the week. Guaranteed to show up every week no matter how uninvited! This week is a month end close and also year end and therefore is the busiest time of year for us. Since I don't have a ton of responsibilities yet, I am not working that late but I'm sure next month end, things won't be this sweet.

This morning the remote wasn't working for my camera, I am thinking the battery is dying so these pictures are showing my aggravation lol.

Jeans: Express
Top: {super old--not idea}
Jacket: Hinge from Nordstrom
Pumps: Steve Madden

Dinner is getting out of control on the stove so I gotta run. Here's to a great week.

xo Mere

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011

Well I'm back and in one piece. The Warrior Dash was so fun and exciting!!

The race was held about 2.5 hours from where we live in Lake Wales, FL. The hubs and I got up bright and early this morning and headed that way. I started my day with a hearty bowl of McD's oatmeal (If you haven't tried the oatmeal, it is surprisingly good).

We were in the first wave so when we arrived, it wasn't crazy busy which was nice. The parking area was muddy and the idiot directing traffic put us and our 4-door sedan in a hole and we were immediately stuck. The hubs was able to maneuver us out after spraying me with mud. Here is what my wheels looked like after...
At least we were out of the mud pit.

Some pictures of us preparing for the race (and goofing off to get rid of the jitters!) I felt the need to flex often, must have been the Warrior in me hehe.

There was a race yesterday and one today, each day having 13,000 participants and 600 in each wave! That is insane! Here is my wave gearing up to take off--
We were all so excited, even though this lay before us.

The hubs (aka awesome photographer) walked around to a part of the course and got some picture of us at the junk car/tire obstacle. By this point, we had already limboed under barb wire, climbed over walls, ran across hay bales, ran through palmettos, and trucked through thigh high mud about six times.

Coming up to the fire...
Me and Heather's brother in law up and over...
Heather and her friend up and over... 

After we finished, we got bananas, water, and a medal. Then I immediately went to the communal showers. It's amazing how the mud bakes on you. The picture of me with my medal is after I "showered off". 

This seriously was a great race. It was affordable, fun, and we all got really cool hats! lol! This is after we changed and cleaned up a bit. Then we were off for free beer and turkey legs! Yum!!

(For anyone that is planning on doing this race, I suggest bringing a towel or two, trashbags, and two or three wet washcloths in a zip lock bag. I was able to clean the majority of the mud off at my car with that--very helpful.)

I'm already gearing up and planning for the Muddy Buddy at Disney in April. Need to get everyone in order and signed up--lol. This is really a fun way to train and workout while having a great time. Seriously recommend! (major props to the hubs for going with me and taking great pics--love you!!!!)

Hope you weekend was a blast!

xoxo Mere

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfit: How Now Brown Cow...

Yes...I am really low on fuel for the creative titles lol. This rhymed and worked with the brown of my sweater. :-)

So dearies, another week has come, and almost gone. It's Thursday night, best night of the work week by far. I have had a really productive week at work and got another day of running in today also. I was pretty sore from yesterday but I did a slow and steady pace just to get my three miles in.

I have a question--so the race this weekend is a running and obstacle course race. Some of the obstacles may be less than desirable for my legs (as in scratchy) as there is a run through some bushes and hoping over hay bales. Here is my dilemma--I hate wearing pants when running so I really want to wear shorts. Do you think you would wear shorts? I don't want to totally regret it but I am thinking that I would prefer shorts. Also, for the previous mud race I did, I wore capri's thinking that it would keep the mud out of certain places and that didn't really happen--mud creeped everywhere. So there is my little question?

It was surprisingly cold this morning so boots it is. Our boot season will be ending shortly here in the ol' FL so we take advantage while we can.

Jeans: Old Navy
Tank: Banana Republic
Sweater: H&M
Boots: Ciao Bella

On a separate note, what's with all of the repeats on Grey's Anatomy?? The hubs and I got all comfy tonight, turned the tv on and it was a repeat---grrr! Don't get it!

Hope your Friday is fantabulous! 

xo Mere

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week of Repeats...

Sorry to be so vacant on the outfit front lately but I have been doing some serious recycling. The great thing about starting a new job is that my whole wardrobe is "new" so I have been re-wearing some of my faves. I promise to have some new, creative outfits soon.

Yesterday with my new company, we attended a "Get Motivated" seminar. I was going into this seminar expecting the worse and while it wasn't overly exciting or super entertaining, it wasn't bad either. I saw some pretty awesome speakers live, such as Laura Bush, Colin Powell, and Rudy Guliani. I cannot believe Colin Powell is 73--he looks great for his age. There are about 4 or 5 other speakers as well with topics ranging from finances to motivational stories of their lives. It was a great day away from the office and I got to sit six rows away from some pretty awesome people.

I have been a little lazy with running this week and today was my first day back in the saddle. This Sunday is my race for the Warrior Dash! I am super excited even though there is a possibility that my partner may be too injured to run :-(  Hopefully she can miraculously heal.

What's going on with you? Any exciting news? Share please!!!

xo Mere

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Can't Wait For...

Daylight Savings Time.
I'm so tired of it being dark so early. It's really cramping my running style. I have to rely on my husband to bike next to me while I run and while it's not so bad, I just like it to be light when I run. Also, it's so sad for it to be dark at 6:15! Ready for March 13th.

Ok enough complaining. I haven't been shopping much at all lately but I have been browsing. Here are some things that I have spotted that I think are totally fabulous.

This blazer is totally cute and my style. I love how they have it styled here. 

This dress looks like spring to me---bright and ruffly.

These two dresses from Express look like Spring to me also but I think could be accessorized with black or brown accessories to make it more appropriate for now (in Florida anyways--I realize these materials are out of the question for most of you). ;-)

I've been digging stripes for a while and there is no sign of that leaving anytime soon. I love these two skirts from White House Black Market.

...and these beauties from Piperlime.

Even thought I really like these items, I am going to withhold my spending. So far I have been pretty decent with my New Years plan to limit spending. I realize it's only the fourth week of January but I feel it's different this time. 

Hope your Monday was good. Mine went by quickly (which I love) but I feel super tired. Breakfast for dinner tonight, love it! Woo hoo! (then the Bachelor) :-)

xo Mere

Friday, January 21, 2011

Outfit: Day and Night...

It's Friday! Yipee!! This week was good but super super busy. I have had tons of training and my mind is officially full. I am excited to actually know what I am doing from now on, at least somewhat anyways.

Today's outfit went from day to night--I met up with some friends for dinner tonight at this yummy local Italian Restaurant. We try to get together every other month or so and it's so great catching up. I worked with these girls when I was in college so we have been friends for quite a while.

Top: Nordstroms
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Express
Sandals: G by Guess

Since I was pretty tired and we were going to a somewhat casual place for dinner I decided to make minor adjustments to what I was already wearing instead of doing a major dressing up overhaul. 

Whenever we start getting dressed or are in the bathroom doing hair or makeup, Fitz starts following us around the house moping and pouting. He decided to make a pouting debut in these pictures tonight. When I bent down he just rolled over to get his belly pet---such a brat lol. 

There are a lot of pictures as I couldn't really pick which few to use. :-)

Top: Nordstroms
Sweater: H&M
Heels: Banana Republic
Ring: Banana Republic
Earrings: Express (maybe, can't remember)

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty low key day---maybe hanging with the hubs in the morning and my sister wants to hang out in the afternoon. I think it's supposed to be colder so I wouldn't mind just cuddling up with hubs and hanging out. 

Hope your weekend is awesome and relaxing! Any awesome plans you want to share??

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Company Store Haul...

As most of you know, I recently started working for a fashion retailer in the accounting department. The company has a company store that sells random items for dirt cheap (i.e. accessories = $5, tops, pants, skirts = $6, dresses, jackets = $11, specialty items and gowns = $21) I have been going over there periodically checking things out and here is what I have learned.

The store opens at 11 each day and everything good is gone/taken shortly thereafter. The company has a couple brands they own and in the brand I like the most, they usually only have one of anything that is cute but there are great steals if you can find them. A co-worker went over yesterday and got a trench coat that retails for $188 for $11. Seriously $11!! I ran over and of course they were all gone. She bought it for her daughter who is a size 2 but I tried it on and it fit me so I causally said, if it doesn't fit, I'll take it---hoping it comes back to me soon. Oh and you can't try anything on so its a crap shoot that it fits and some items aren't marked so you have to eyeball it.

Here are some items I have purchased. I haven't really been diligent about going over early as I am kind of trying to save money but I got some cute items and tomorrow my mom is going to come with me so I am going to go over there at opening to see what I can find.

 First up, this dress is a little snug but I really like it. I'm hoping I lose a little, like an inch to a half an inch and I think it will fit perfectly.

Love this one and it will be great for work.

 This one is eh. I dislike the belt it came with and I think my gray belt looks better but I am still not sold on it. We will see.

This bolero fits great and while I wouldn't necessarily wear it like this, I do like this for a fancy night out.
 Simple bangle bracelets
This skirt didn't photograph well but I love it. It is a black and white tween pencil skirt but it doesn't fit. This one is going to the little sister I guess :-(

I did realize that I forgot to photograph one other dress that I am still on fence about but maybe in the next haul I'll share it with you all. I think that I am still learning the best way to shop without knowing sizes and being able to try it on. I am going tomorrow early and bringing my mom so I am hoping for some goodies.

I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday. This week has been intense and full of training--I feel like I cannot mentally retain any more information. Sorry if this post is blah, I am half asleep typing it. I think it's going to be an early night tonight.

Happy Friday!


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