Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm Getting Organized!

That's right! I am finally getting organized. I'm not an overly disorganized person but I love having a place for everything and when we moved into the new place in September, I decided I was not putting things away in "wrong" places merely for the sake of putting it away. Having things out and in sight kept the need for organization at the front of my mind, driving my husband a little crazy in the meantime---oops!

The main areas where I needed the most organization were my craft area, belts, jewelry, and race medals. My husband is great and helped me in all of these areas to organize.

The easiest of these were the belts. One weekend during a trip to Ikea, we spotted these bins for around $8. I only needed the narrow, smaller ones for the belts so the larger ones have my undergarments in them. Here is what it looks like now (not super exciting---I understand!) but it brings me so much joy to be able to see all of the belts when looking for something to wear.

Next was the craft room. I would say that I am an avid crafter---I love all things scrapbooking and sewing and just crafting in general really. I had some organization pieces from Jo-Ann's that were purchased a few years ago but that have since been discontinued so I was pretty doubtful that I would find the same coordinating pieces. We had decided on a rail system from Ikea but right before we made a final decision on that, we found a woman on eBay that was selling the same exact organization system I had started with---her husband built her a craft room so she had no need for it any longer. I scored 85% of this wall system for $0.99 and $23 for shipping---weird right! But I love it!!!

The only remaining craft related piece to organize is my scrapbook paper (see the large stack there, that's one of two). I have categorized the paper into about 40 different categories and am looking to re-create this chest from Martha Stewart. I really want to find an antique or vintage-type chest so it doesn't look like what it actually is.

My jewelry was probably the biggest disaster. Everything has been laid across my dresser with hopes that nothing accidentally got knocked off or mixed up. Whatever I hadn't worn lately was still in a box from moving. One day while browsing Pinterest, I found this on sale on Etsy----it was immediately added to my Christmas list and my husband pulled through as always. 

I love that it holds everything plus now that I can actually see everything I have, I am more likely to wear pieces that have long been forgotten.

Lastly, my husband got me a holder for all of my (our) race medals. Previously the medals were hanging on the headboard of our bed and on the corners of the mirror on my dresser. I love this idea, seeing all of my accomplishments really has inspired me to get back into the training program (vacation and Christmas derailed me a bit).

As you can see, I am going to be starting the New Year off right in the organization department. It's amazing how much better if feels to have stuff organized and put in its rightful spot. Thanks to my dear husband for his patience while I waffled back and forth trying to decide on just the right pieces. 

I feel like I have a lot of posts to make up so hopefully I can catch up this weekend. We went to Colorado the week before Christmas and I have some really great pictures to share. Also I have Christmas pictures and 2011 reflections to share. I love this time of year----reflecting on the past, growing and learning and starting fresh!

Do you have any other organization ideas to share? Send them my way!

xo Mere

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