Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Love Banana Republic!

Readers, I know most of you are already aware of my pure love and adoration for Banana Republic. Well, they have really out down themselves this time.

On Cyber Monday, I took advantage of the awesome deals that BR was having and I got quite a few gifts for my husband (and a couple for me, no brainer right). Well the package was delivered to my condo two weeks ago and signed by the woman at the front desk. Typically packages are placed in a closet that is only unlocked Monday through Friday 8-5 or opened by the night time security guards.

Apparently, the box was so full of goodies that it was too heavy for her to carry to the closet so she left it out and asked someone else to bring it to the closet. Long story short, the package was not put away and was taken by someone else.

I was so upset as the package was a couple hundred dollars and I wouldn't be able to get those discounts again. I called BR asking if any of the items were returned for some kind of lead, which they were not. After my explaining to the operator what happened with no intention of a refund, the woman insured me they will reship the package of anything in stock or refund the money---which they have!

Totally amazing. I cannot believe it. What a great company that knows how to keep their customers happy!

Here is a little video to hopefully make you smile! Christmas is coming!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love BR....such a great story...excellent the customer service! FYI: That video is one of my favorites. LMFAO always makes me smile ;)

    xo, tasha



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