Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving was great---It's Christmas Time!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and unfortunately, it's time for work again tomorrow. My Thanksgiving was great! Thursday morning started out with the local Turkey Trot 5k with my hubs and sister. I found awesome hats at to wear during the race, I also made us all matching shirts for the occasion.

After the race, we rushed home to check on the turkey, we popped him in the oven before we left for the race. The timer went off the minute we walked through the door and Dexter (we name our turkey ever year) was perfectly done and ready to go. After much preparing and cooking, we were all ready to eat at about noon. My mom and brother came with my grandfather. It was such a great day. It was one of the smallest Thanksgiving's I've ever had but overall it was great. It always amazes me that dinners take so long to prepare and literally minutes to consume.

The Spread!

My mom and Grandpa

Even Fitz gets grub on Thanksgiving

My sister with Gramps

Getting ready to grub (waiting on the boys actually!)

Stuff and totally exhausted!! (I remember now why I haven't prepared Thanksgiving for the past four years!)

Today we went and got our Christmas tree. The tree is decorated and some decor is up but not all of it. Here is a sneak peak of the tree!

Well off to work tomorrow and unfortunately, it's month end close (which equals busy time). Hopefully the week flies by! Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was awesome and have a great week! I'm thankful for all of you readers!

xo Mere


  1. Your tree looks so pretty!

    I can't believe how fast Thanksgiving goes by either. I think my grandmother actually said the same thing this year - it takes forever to make it and its gone in minutes. Haha

  2. Pictures courtesy of my Facebook lol you did very well preparing & hosting seester! Again, very thankful for you two. Love you.



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