Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Nails: Perfect for Xmas

Hey guys! I have been loving the trend of one nail that is a pattern, glitter, or just a different color. This weekend I had OPI Bastille My Heart with OPI Muppets Rainbow Connection on my ring finger. I could not believe how quick this collection sold out at my local Ulta. There was only one polish left when I went so I ordered Rainbow Connection on Amazon (and it was only $4.50--score!)

This lasted from Sunday until now but today chipped at work with all of the packing. We are moving from our current location across campus to a new building and as I was packing all of my stuff up, the glitter chipped. I really like this polish, there are typical glitter flakes with larger hexagon shaped pieces. Looks really shiny in person---perfect for a night out or even New Year's Eve.

Tonight when I got home I decided to do the nails again and this time use a gold shimmer polish instead of the glitter. I got Glitzerland in the OPI Switzerland Collection and hadn't even tried it yet so I thought this was a perfect opportunity. I love the formula and the consistency of the glitter in the polish. 

I really think this would be perfect for the holidays. I see this in my Christmas Future :-)

Speaking of Holidays, I am throwing my first ever potluck dinner this weekend and we are having a "Fall" theme with three other couples. I am planning on making boneless turkey breasts using this Rachael Ray recipe and also stuffed mushrooms using this Ina Garten recipe. I think I may make my mom's famous banana pudding also, I'll share that recipe later with pictures, it's ahhmazing!! :-)

I'm pretty excited for it and feel so grown up! I hope your week is going great!!



  1. Lovin' the nails - I may have to steal the look :) xo, tasha

  2. No mention tsk tsk. I'll have to work on you. Love you. Can't wait to be 'sick of you' this weekend :-)

  3. Super cute! I was almost going to get that glitter polish...I'm bummed I didn't because it looks so fun! I like accent nails too.



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