Saturday, October 29, 2011

Running: My First Half Marathon

I have been pretty intermittent with my blog lately and that mainly has to do with my Half Marathon Training. For the last 12 weeks, the husband and I have been running on a pretty intense schedule with the hopes of it paying off today. (we weren't disappointed) :-)

Today the hubs and I completed our first half marathon---the Miami Beach Halloween Half. The nerves started yesterday when the chance of rain was forecasted at 90%. As I laid in bed last night, listening to torrential downpours outside, I was praying for a run with little to no rain. My prayers were answered and I woke to read the weather forecast was predicting a 40% chance of rain!

It was just the perfect amount motivation that I needed for the morning. We were staying with a friend that lives in Fort Lauderdale, about 30 minutes from the race. We woke around 4:30, had a little breakfast and headed to South Beach. When we got there, we noticed the humidity was out of control.

The race began at 7 and by the time we parked, took a shuttle, used the restroom, and stretched, we had just enough time to line up and get ready for the race. It started at Parrot Jungle and crossed over the causeway onto Miami Beach. Miles 1-3 were great and it was really fun seeing all of the hilarious costumes. We took a planned walk break at 3 for about 30 seconds, our plan was run 3 walk 0.25 but once the effects of the humidity hit, I had an extremely hard time. When it's really humid, it's very easy to dehydrate. We walked and ran off and on for the remainder of the race. Miles 6-8 were my best and I felt like I was getting into a rhythm. The turn around point was at mile 9 and there were only 4 miles left to the finish.

This is where my mind started to get the best of me. Running is almost all mental and I kept doubting my abilities and telling myself what a mistake this was. Thankfully I had my husband there to keep me motivated and distracted. I really need to work on this and try to learn how to clear my head during the run. We crossed the finish line, 13.1 miles later at 2:48. My goal was 2:30 but being I was beginning to doubt my ability to complete it, I am stoked with that time. The race was so physically, mentally, and emotionally involved that I was so overwhelmed at the finish, I just started crying---good tears of course :-)

We all got finisher medals that are a skull that glows in the dark. It's awesome! Here are some pictures from the race.

My best friend not only let us crash with her and met us at the finish line and took all of these great pics with her boyfriend, she also got me this necklace---I love it!

Thanks so much to my hubs---without him I wouldn't have been as disciplined with training as he constantly drags me out of bed at 5:30 to run, even on the weekends. I love and appreciate everything he does for me---thanks babe! I love you!!!

Sorry so long and picture heavy but I wanted to share as much as I can in the hopes to be an inspiration to someone. Have a great rest of the weekend.

xo Mere


  1. Congrats on your victory - what a great achievement!

  2. congratulations! I can NOT run (like at all) so I am always fascinated by people who can! awesome accomplishment :)

  3. Congrats!! I'm so proud of you!!!



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