Monday, August 1, 2011

Outfit Post: Short and Sweet

Happy Monday guys. Today was Monday at it's finest. My day started out with a horrible run at 6am, then a crazy busy work day as this was day one of quarter end (and to make things even better, we find out that instead of having the books closed in 3.5 days, they have to be closed in 2.5 days). Needless to say, I had a very blah day that consisted of working until 8 and pouting most of the day, yes I am a brat and yes I am ok with it. ;-)

This outfit is from yesterday. We had a nice dinner with my father-in-law at a quaint French restaurant that had really great food. I took the cloth belt that came with this dress and added it for a little something different to this dress. Not overly inventive but it's so hot here that finding the motivation to dress in something other than sundresses is tough.

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Belt: Banana Republic
Sandals: Steve Madden
 And just because I am a total dork...
I told you all I love Coke and how cute are these mini cans :-)

Well I am off to bed. I am a week behind in Bachelorette and tonight is the finale. I have to try my hardest to stay away from spoilers---I don't want to find out too soon. I was going to try and watch last week's tonight but I didn't get home until 8:30 and now it's bed time! Here's hoping I can stay away from the Bachelorette Twitter posts, Facebooks posts, and blogs.

I hope your Monday was better than mine and I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day! Thanks for stopping by!

xo Mere


  1. The belt really adds a nice touch to your outfit! Lovin' the silly pose! lol. Have a great week. xo, tasha

  2. Haha, love the "silly" picture! You are too cute =) I agree with Natasha, the belt really is such a great compliment to the dress. I love navy!

  3. Thanks girls---and I'm glad my total weird-o side doesn't scare you off ;-)



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