Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nails...bright and cheery!

Hey guys! I am trying to get more creative with my nails to liven things up a bit and I really love the trend of one nail off a little bit in color or adding glitter to one nail. I did a nice red for July 4th and added red glitter on top to one nail but this is my first attempt at two different colors. I love the idea. I think it's really a great way to have fun.

My only complaint is that maybe the orange is a little too harsh in comparison to the lighter color. This was the first time I used this orange and I think OPI Hot & Spicy might have worked a little better with this light coral color. The lighter color is very sheer and I had to put two coats on white on first and top it with 3-4 more coats to get this color. I will be on the look out for a light coral color that is more opaque--recommendations are welcome!

Here is my look.
Essie Vermillionaire on the left and Essie Shop til you Drop on the right

Some other combinations I am thinking to try in the future are light pink with a fuchsia and baby blue with a to come when I try them of course.

Not sure how many country music fans I have out there but I am in love with this song and this version with Ludacris is really fun too.

I watched the CMT Music Festival on Sunday and LOVED it and have been in a major country music mood lately. What has been your go-to song lately?? I listen to every single kind of music so I would love to get some new music suggestions!

Happy Hump Day! We are on the downhill slide!

xo Mere


  1. I love Jason Alden's song :) Thanks for posting the link. I'm also loving Beyonce's "What Goes Around."

  2. I love those colors together!

  3. I really like the Vermillionaire on you!! I might have to pick up that color. I generally stay away from orangey-shades but I really like it and it may be a good end-of-summer color!

  4. I love those two Essie colors together, but love the Jason Aldean song even more!!

  5. So pretty Mere! I love that little combo! It's fun, but still not too edgy. I think I will try this when I paint my nails tomorrow!

  6. Oh, and a light coral color that is opaque...I think Essie Cute as a button would work. It isn't sheer like Shop Til I Drop!

  7. @Thanks everyone and @Noelle, thanks for the rec---next trip to Ulta and that will be in hand :-)



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