Thursday, August 25, 2011

Loving: DiorShow Maximizer

I have a new product that I have been using for about 3 weeks now and I have to say I love it. Anyone that has been reading for a while knows that I am 100% truly, madly, and deeply in love with DiorShow Blackout Mascara. I have been using this for about four years now and after searching high and low for a comparable product, I have only come close once (which I do think is a good product but I'm still a Dior user).

The last time I got a new tube of mascara, the associate at the Dior counter at Dillards gave me a sample of the DiorShow Maximizer Primer. I have never really used lash primer as I didn't really see the benefits from the minimal trials I had done with various products. Since I had the sample, I figured why not. I now know why not, because I fell in love and this is yet another Dior product that I now feel I have to have!

I have to share. When I first began using it, I wasn't fully in love--it takes a little bit of time learning how to apply and how much and also the time to wait between using this and the black mascara. I have learned that mine works best if I use the primer lightly on the first couple stroked and then with a heavier hand, wiggle the primer all over to really coat the lashes. Using the lighter hand at first helps to not overload the product, which creates clumps. I do the primer on both eyes first and then use the mascara, I find by the time I use the primer on the second eye, the "dryness" of the primer on the first is perfect.

With this primer, I find that my eyelashes are better spread and I only need one coat of mascara (I shamefully admit that at times I was using 2-3 coats previously). The product says it can actually be used at night before bed to condition the lashes. This product not only gives me better lashes, but it good for my lashes too. I feel like it took me a week or so to really get the best way to use this since I'm not a primer user typically but I love it.

Oh and one of the biggest selling points for me is that the mascara washes off so much better with the primer. If I do not use the primer, it takes me washing my face twice to get all of the mascara off, even using a makeup removing face wash (I don't really use eye makeup remover, no reason really--I just never have). I really love that it washes off so easily.

These pictures were after work so my makeup is about 10 hours "old".

Overall, I love how the lashes look separated and long, I love that I only need one coat of mascara, and I also love that it washes off much easier. I know not everyone shares my love of dramatic lashes for everyday wear but if you do, I recommend this (well both of these really). Have any of you tried these? Let me know your thoughts!

Oh and one more thing...tomorrow is FRIDAY! I'm babysitting my 10 month old niece on Saturday (who just took her first steps this week) so I am really excited to hang out and play with her. This age is so fun!

Hope you had a great week (let's talk in past tense as if it's already over, ok?) :-)

xo Mere

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  1. Your lashes look great! I've always been a fan of DiorShow Blackout Mascara, but not I'm tempted to try the maximizer! Xo, tasha



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