Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap and Outift on the River

Hey!!! Another weekend is gone and another week is here. I had a really great weekend. My company has implemented summer hours on Fridays so we actually get out of work at one for a few weeks during the summer. My Friday started out with a rainy afternoon on the couch, watching So You Think You Can Dance and listening to the awesome thunderstorm.

Saturday morning the hubs and I ran a 5k race in our downtown area, which sounds all fine and dandy however, the race was over a bridge and back and was much steeper than I expected. I'm from Florida, I'm used to flat ground ;-) My legs are still a little sore but overall I am pleased. The race went well for being on steep ground and hot & humid. Here is a picture of us after the race that was in the newspaper this morning.

The rest of the day Saturday was spent hunting for gym bags for both the hubs and I. We are now working out in the a.m. so we have been needing a bag with serious compartments. I found mine on sale at Lululemon and am thrilled, it's the Lululemon Hot Yoga Hobo. On the site, the bag is $118 but in the store was marked down to $79. It has compartments for everything, before clothes, after clothes, pockets for keys and tunes. I love it. I got it in this navy color.

I also got a nice yoga mat strap and some of their awesome running sock (trust me, they are totally worth it!)

We weren't able to find the hubs a bag on our adventures so we ordered him one from Timbuk2. He wanted a messenger bag and these were the best we could find. We will soon find out when it arrives if it fits the bill.

The rest of my weekend consisted of hanging with the hubs and visiting the family. Oh and I saw Friends with Benefits----loved and highly recommend!

For the outfit today, the hubs and I decided to drive down to the river and get some pictures on the water since the outfit has a somewhat (maybe?!) nautical feel. I love when he takes my pictures, he does a great job!

Dress: Banana Republic
Belt: Target
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Wedges: Michael Kors, seen here, buy here
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, seen here, buy here

I got this dress last week at Banana and the associate said they just got it in but I was unable to find it on the website. They actually had a lot of stripes in the store, I almost didn't know what to look at first! The back of this dress has a long exposed zipper which I love. Banana seemed to be using the exposed zipper on their clothes for this season, a lot of their new clothes had the zippers in various locations. 

I'm wishing a pleasant and exciting week for all of you! Happy Monday and I hope your weekend was the best!

xo Mere

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  1. Love the outfit and the special hubby taken pictures --- they turned out fantastic :)



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