Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outfit: Prints for the Hump :-)

Happy Hump Day! I have to say that my day has shaped up to be pretty exciting. What you ask could be so exciting?? Well as most of you know, I am a shoe fan, as in I love shoes. Well I got two pairs delivered today!

I am going to post the shoes tomorrow but know that they are exciting and I cannot wait to wear them and show you guys.

On a somewhat related note, I have been thinking of doing a collective post of all of my shoes, I think it would be fun! It is going to have to be a weekend project since it involves the total deconstruction of my closet but fun nonetheless.

Today's outfit was purchased recently from Banana when I received an email for 40% off. I have to be honest, I have not been impressed with BR lately. This outfit and the dress from Monday are the first things I have bought from there in months, and I LOVE BR. Hopefully they have their groove back.


Top: Banana Republic, buy here
Pants: Banana Republic, buy here
Pumps: Jessica Simpson

I'm off to grab some dinner with the hubs and then I plan on wearing my new shoes around the house, like I always do lol. (Yes for those of you that are new, I am this big of a dork!) 

Oh and FYI, for those of you that aren't aware, Project Runway starts tomorrow! I'm really excited and cannot wait for the whole crew. Anyone else waiting anxiously for this season to begin?

xo Mere


  1. Loooving the shoes girlie!

  2. I really like the heels with the cropped pants. Funny, I was thinking of doing a collective shoe post, as well!

  3. Yes, I can't wait for Project Runway! Best show ever!!




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