Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nails and a New Interesting Recipe...

Hey guys! This weekend the husband and I tried a new recipe. I should preface this post with this--It's Complicated is one of my favorite movies. In this movie, Meryl Streep has a bakery and some really good food and since the first time I watched this, I have made chocolate croissants and enjoyed croque moinssiour from a local French restaurant. The only other piece of the puzzle that was missing was trying honey lavendar ice cream.

I'm quite a foodie and www.epicurious.com is one of my favorite sites so naturally that was the first place I looked when searching for a recipe for this ice cream. I was able to find edible lavendar at a local organic grocery store along with the honey and other ingredients.

Making this was really fun as I don't make ice cream all that often and every time I smelled it, I was reminded of my bubble bath (weird right). So here is where you can find the recipe and here are some pictures I snapped during the making.

Ingredients were simple: honey, lavender, eggs, salt, half and half, and heavy cream

Heating the ingredients, that's the lavender flowers floating on top

The mixture thickening after the flowers have been filtered out

My ice cream maker, love it and recommend!

Churning away, here it took about 25 minutes to get to a desired thickness.

Finished product

Now for the results---I took into consideration some of the reviews for this recipe and used a little less honey and lavender than recommended and I used four egg yolks versus 2 whole eggs. The flavors are quite strong with this and the taste is just different. I don't thinks it's a bad recipe and I don't I did something wrong but this recipe is just a little different. If you are one to love unique flavors I would definitely recommend trying this. 

For me though, it was just a little too different and kind of tasted quite strong. The consistency of the ice cream was great. Hubs gave the ice cream a seven overall. I thought I would share though because the flavors are really interesting and unique and I can see others loving this recipe. I think what I will try next time is a vanilla ice cream recipe with hints of honey and lavender, I can really see those flavors working well together.

On to the nails---I decided to go back to what I love for this week---PURPLE! I brought out the purple from the Shrek Collection by OPI called Funky Donkey. I love this color, it's very bold and saturated.

What is your nail color for the week??

That's it for me for now. I hope the week is going great for you all and Happy (almost) Wednesday!

xo Mere


  1. Homemade ice cream sounds so good! That flavor though... Might not be my first choice haha. It's always fun to try something different! You never know what might be your new favorite.

    I love that nail polish color - I have a very similar shade from China Glaze and I love it! Purple nails are so much fun.

  2. i love that nail polish color! very pretty.

    mmmm homemade ice cream.

  3. Hahah....so I looked at your pics before I read the opening paragraphs and I wondered, "Is she making a face mask? A nail treatment?" Then I decided I should read to find out....



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