Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm back!!!

Hi everyone! I am finally back from vacation and have tons of pictures to share. I made sure to get pictures of some of my outfits this time. My husband and I along with my sister and her boyfriend went on a seven night cruise out of Tampa with ports of call in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Grand Cayman.

The vacation was awesome. It was so relaxing and enjoyable and being with my sister, who has never been on a cruise or out of the country, was really fun.

Here are some pictures from the week of outfits and then some random pictures at the end.

Enjoying the first drink of the cruise. I love this fedora from Banana Republic, top is Gap
Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft
Sandals: Steve Madden
Aviators: Banana Republic
Top: Victoria's Secret
Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft
Sandals: Steve Madden

My Bathing Suit Top: Victoria's Secret 
(this is an amazing supportive top. I removed the "push up" pads from the top and it's great)
Bottoms: Victoria's Secret Pink
Sister's Bathing Suit: Victoria's Secret

My Dress: Abs Collection
Heels: Diba
Sister's: WH|BM
Heels: Madden Girl

Top: Michael Kors
Jeans: Express
Heels: Diba
Red Lips: Smashbox Cranberry

I know there were not a ton but it's hard to remember pictures of outfits on vacay. Here are some of the trip:
Cruise Ship---Our's was the Legend

We rented this Beach Buggy in Mexico that left us stranded and broken down :-(

Visited some Crocs

 Beach in Cozumel
View from lighthouse in Mexico

My sister and I goofing off. 

Me getting ready to go zip lining in Belize

Coming across on the zip line

Again! It was so fun

I love vacation but the downfall is returning to work tomorrow. Have any of you had awesome summer vacations yet? Please share!!

Happy Monday guys!

xo Mere


  1. looks like you had a blast! you can tell how hard you've been working for that bikini body! :)

  2. Wow, the pictures of the beach in Cozumel look breathtaking! I love the zip line pictures too, I've always wanted to try that. Thanks for sharing =)

  3. Yayy I'm glad you're back :) Looks like you guys had an amazing time on your trip!

  4. Looks like such a fun trip!



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