Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Outfit: Florals for Spring!

We have made it through Wednesday. I felt like being girly this morning while getting ready and what screams girl more than a floral dress!

Dress: H&M, seen here
Wedges: Steve Madden Turnpyke

Ok another pair of awesome Steve Madden shoes in the collection. Seriously, I remember when I was younger, I loved his shoes but thought they were uncomfortable, no more my friend. Every pair I have bought in the last few years have been stellar. All day in four plus inch wedges and not one little pain or rub--nothing! I'm in love...L-O-V-E!

I have got to get off of this computer and go run. I have not worked out for two weeks, unheard of for me lately. I have just been really digging doing nothing (who doesn't right?!). I have a 5k with a co-worker on Saturday so I think it's a good idea to at least attempt a run or two this week. My problem is that I am currently not training for anything so I can find ways to stray much easier. When I am training, I actually schedule runs and workouts on my calendar so I really have no excuse. I need structure, I should not be left to my own devices. Off I go--Wish me luck!

xo Mere


  1. Love this dress! It's fun, feminine, and great for this time of year. I also love Steve Madden shoes and agree that at one time or another, I thought they were uncomfortable. That was before I really started wearing heels though. Now I can't get enough!

  2. This dress looks so great on you! ...the color is bright and cheerful. Gosh I love summer! :) xo, tasha

  3. very springy indeed. the color looks great.


  4. I'm so ready to wear dresses like this. You're making me jealous!

    I'm loving those wedges too - I can't wait to break out mine soon!

  5. That dress is gorgeous! The colors and the pattern are just terrific.

    I am about to hop on the treadmill myself. I sort of can't wait! - giveaway until 4/26/11!

  6. i almost got those wedges in black but then opted for the fantasik! I love those on you :)

  7. That dress is gorgeous! Love it.

  8. Love love love. I want to play in your closet. : ]



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