Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey guys! How was your Easter holiday? Mine was so nice. We went to church with my family and then to my mom's house for lunch. My grandfather was there. He has had some serious health scares in the past year so it's really great to see him getting stronger and being able to go places. Here are some pictures we took while we were there. My little niece is getting so big, I love playing with her!

Alaina with my mom

My older niece Alexis

My sister with Alaina

My mom's infamous bunny cake

Yummy cupcakes

A cake my mom made for my sister in law's birthday

Alaina with her bunny
The girls

Today when I got home from work there was a torrential downpour so I look at tad bit disheveled but here is  what I wore today. I have had this dress for month but never wore it because it's slightly see-through and I didn't have a half-slip until this past weekend when I picked one up at Target.

Dress: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Sandals: Steve Madden

I have been spending every weekend at the pool or on the boat and these pictures are the first where I can actually tell I am getting color. I know tanning is bad and all of that jazz but I love being tan and this time of year is the best for the weather here in FL. How do you all feel about tans? Do you prefer sunless tanners? This is always an interesting debate for sure.

Here's to a great week.

xo Mere


  1. What a pretty dress, I love the flower on it.

    As far as tanning goes - I love the sun and would consider myself a sun worshipper (so bad, I know). I try to be good though and wear my sunscreen whenever I lay out... I've used sunless tanners before too and I think they're great for when I really don't have the time to sit outside and get a "real" tan. haha.

  2. How cute are the family pictures? Adorable!

    I love the sandals you are wearing Mere. I only have a couple pairs in my wardrobe. I think I need one more.

    As for tanning, I do enjoy it! The beach is by far my favorite place in the world and being that I live in SoCal, I'm a total beach girl at heart. I do wear sunscreen though. As much as I would love to be tan year round, I know I can't do that anymore so I don't lay out like I used to. I do like self tanners, but I have a hard time with streaking and turning orange! No matter what i do, I always look fake. So...hopefully I'll get some color sometime soon =)

  3. That cake is adorable!

    I love your dress and shoes!

    I love tanning too but I always make sure to have my 30 spf on. I don't to tanning beds so in the winter I self tan. Some one said to me last week 'someones been getting some sun' and I told her it's from a bottle. Glad to know it looks natural and not orange! :)

  4. How adorable! The photos turned out so well. What camera do you use?

    Love the dress by the don't look disheveled at all.

    xo, tasha

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time! Your family is so beautiful.



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