Thursday, April 21, 2011

Go Miami HEAT! and Highlights

Friends, it's almost Friday! Today is game # 3 for the Miami Heat playoff (currently they are down by 2! Yikes!) so I decided to show my support today at work. I just got home from work/getting my hair done so the pictures are pretty sloppy---sorry!

Cardi: Express
Jeans: Express
Sandals (Not shown): Steve Madden

My good friend is a hair dresser so I went to her today for fine, natural highlights and a trim. We were initially going for ombre highlights but I didn't want to have all of my hair dyed darker so maybe next time. Here are some pictures of the highlights. I don't get highlights on the part of my hair because I hate the re-growth line. It's also nice how they aren't so "in your face" and just peek out here and there.

I'm off to watch the game, we are in the lead again---yay! Have a great Friday! Hang in for one more day!

xo Mere

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  1. I love those highlights! That is definitely something I would be willing to try.



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