Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outfit with Some Newbies...

Hey girls (and guys)! It's that time again---outfit! I used a lot of my new items today so I get to share---yay! I should have gotten better pictures of the detail on this top, I love the "crochet"-ishness of it. I think I need to get a nude tank to go underneath because all I have is white and you can see the white on the neckline sometimes.

I have to share these shoes from Steve Madden---I am in LOVE! I think I may have to order these in the nude color too, or maybe the gold glitter (decisions!). They were beyond comfortable after wearing all day and I love the sandal itself.

Top: Anthropologie, buy here
Jeans: Old Navy
Sandals: Steve Madden, buy here
Bag: Banana Republic

So, we need to discuss the bag. I love this bag. The leather is super soft and it's huge and is blue! With that being said, I have a dilemma. Today is the first day I have taken this out of the bag. I took all of the filling out, cut the tag, and slapped it happily on my shoulder this morning. At lunch I noticed there is a faded, discolored spot on the side. It looks like a lighter blue color and it's probably a 3" diameter circle. 

I called the Banana Republic in town and they said I can return it no problem but here are the issues: The bag is only in Aventura Miami and in Dallas. They can't do an "exchange" with the bag in a different store but they can refund my the cash at my store and then I can order the one from Aventura and have it shipped. However I bought the bag with the 30% off this weekend, saving $60 so I would lose that discount. It's not super noticeable at all, especially when it's closed, pretty much I know it's there. Maybe once the bag gets worn in, you will be able to notice it even less.

So what do you think? What would you do? I really am leaning towards just keeping it as I don't think it's worth $60. The only other option is to mail it to my bestie in Ft Lauderdale and have her exchange it, if they even have any blue left! Whatcha think??

Tomorrow night is the local Inaugural Film Festival and I was so torn on what to wear. It's a Film Festival and I have read things that say to wear what you normally wear to the movies. However, the event we are attending is the Opening Night Gala. I called the box office to inquire of the dress code and the guy that answered the phone said this (and I quote) "it's Florida casual...uh wait...nope it's Black Tie". He didn't seem too confident in his response---yikes!

I am thinking of wearing a little black cocktail dress and the hubs wearing a suit, just to be safe. Have any of you been to anything like that? I'm super excited!

Ok--sheesh long post huh? I hope your day was awesome! Thanks for stopping by! 

xo Mere


  1. Love the top and shoes. I'm so jealous of two things - 1. the warm Florida weather you enjoy, and 2. you can dress like that for work.

  2. I would mail it to your friend. It will only get worse. I think that if you were at the store and you noticed the spot you would put the bag down and pick up a different one so you might as well start fresh with a new purse.

  3. I love your sandals so much.

  4. I would keep it Mere! It's really such a pretty color and shape. I'm very OCD about the way my bags look, and I can understand your dilemma about the spot. Is there anything you can do to treat that? Otherwise, I really would just keep it! But that's just my humble opinion.

  5. You look awesome! I think I am going to have to get those shoes too ;)



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