Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outfit & a Little Daydreaming...

I am a hardcore daydreamer---I would estimate that I daydream at my desk for probably 30-45 minutes total per day. I don't really strive to waste time, I just find myself sitting there thinking of my plans for the weekend or what I am going to do in my workout and sometimes the stuff is way more insignificant, such as I wonder where _______ bought that _______. I guess that is called daydreaming, right?

I have always known that I do this but it just really occurred to me as I sat down to blog how often I do this. I was just staring at the screen for probably a good 20 minutes, not really doing anything. Are any of you guys daydreamers...just an observation. :-)

So I did it, I got my Naked Palette and did my first look with it this morning. I tried to have the hubs get some good pictures of it but I don't think it really came out too well. I can't really give a full review yet because I haven't really used it enough. It's not really about the actual quality of the eyeshadow as the product is Urban Decay and the quality will be good. I'm more curious as to how often I'll be pulling this bad boy out. I do like the colors so far though.

I know it's hard to see and I should have taken one with my eyes open but I used Toasted in the outer V, Smog in the crease, Sidecar on the lid and Virgin as a highlight. I really wish the pictures were better but I do like this look. I think tomorrow I'll try a matte look (and also try better lighting).

Today's outfit is with my most favorite cardi ever. I really wish Express had this cardigan and colors and patterns other than stripes. It is so soft and I love the fit. 

Top: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Express
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Steve Madden

My family dinner with my grandpa was great. It's hard to see someone you love age but I'm glad he is doing well now and I'm super happy that we were all together for his birthday.

I think I am going to just lay in bed and read for the rest of the night--the sliding glass doors are open, the breeze is blowing and the tv is off----so peaceful. I hope you have a great night too!!

xo Mere


  1. Fabulous cardigan!! Then again, I'm pretty obsessed with stripes right now. :)

  2. Love love love that outfit. you're so cute.

  3. Cute! What lip gloss are you wearing? I really like the color.

  4. I love your eyes, so so much. I look so beautiful.

  5. I can totally relate! I find myself daydreaming all the time, especially when I shouldn't be ;)
    That Express cardi is really cute on you.

  6. Thanks guys! @ Janine--the gloss is MAC's Lipglass in Stealing Kisses. I think it was in the A Tartan Tale line. :-)

  7. I like this casual striped sweater!



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