Sunday, March 13, 2011

Outfit for Weekend Night w Hubs...

Hi!! I hope your weekend has gone great! I love daylight savings time changes during this time of year---sunlight so late. I love coming home from work and having time to walk the dog, workout, and not feel like the night is already over.

Last night the hubs and I went to a new sushi restaurant in town. I love trying new places but in trying new places, you are always taking a chance of having a less than desirable experience. While our food was pretty good, our waitress was no so. She seemed way overloaded with tables, smelled like cigarette smoke, forgot our appetizers, and never refilled our drinks. I'll definitely stick to our hole in the wall sushi joint next time we go out. I feel serving tables isn't rocket science so if whatever mix of servers you have isn't working---it's time to make some alterations.

I wore a pretty simple outfit but I got to wear the shoes I have a strong love.hate relationship with---they are so so cute but painful at the same time :-( They don't stay on my heel very well and they hurt my toes after an hour or so. Luckily I have an awesome husband that drops me off to park the car. Hehe. He was also nice enough to take pictures so I had a lot to choose from---I just picked them all. :-)

Jeans: Express
Top: Express
Heels: Betsey Johnson
Lips: Smashbox Doubletake in Cranberry with NARS Diablo on top

I am off to enjoy what's left of my Sunday night and I hope you are doing the same. Have a great night!!

xo Mere


  1. Those shoes are so cute and I love your red lipstick shade! Very glam.

  2. I am loving those red lips!

  3. Oooo girl, I'm lovin' that lipstick!

  4. You look amazing; I like everything about this outfit, but the shoes and the lips are perfect. You have such a beautiful smile.

  5. Love the dark lipstick and those jeans look great on you. I may have to try some Express Jeans myself.

  6. Loving the red lipstick and those sexy shoes!



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