Saturday, March 26, 2011

Outfit: Black Tie Gala

I am finally blogging my outfit from the Film Festival Black Tie Gala on Wednesday night. This is the first annual Film Festival for our area. There wasn't a lot of publicity for this event so we didn't even buy tickets until Monday but I'm so glad we did.

Dress: White House Black Market
Clutch: Jessica McClintock
Silver Heels: Nina
Black Heels: Diba

When we arrived at the Gala, there was a red carpet leading to a group of photographers that were taking photos for the event. I found these two on the Film Festival's Facebook page.

Right after I took the pictures at home, the silver shoes started squeaking so I switched to the black heels since I didn't have time to investigate the squeak :-)

Once we got into the building, we got a drink and headed inside to watch the movies. The first one was called Meth and was about a meth addict. The second movie was A Midsummer Sex Comedy and starred Luke Perry among other actors. This movie was a romantic comedy and was half English and half Swedish with subtitles. The Meth movie was more interesting to me and left me wanting more. Hopefully we get to go tomorrow to watch a few more movies. This was such a fun experience and actually felt like we were in a different town. Really fun and was awesome to try something new.

Have any of you ever gone to a Film Festival? Did you love it?

Happy Saturday Night!

xo Mere


  1. I love all these photos. Especially the last two of the pics in your house. Simply gorgeous. The "red carpet" pics are amazing too. I'm glad you two had a good time.

  2. So fun! You posed like a real celeb on that red carpet!

  3. Those are terrific red carpet pics! Hopefully you can turn them into real photos in frames for your house.

  4. you look great! your workouts are paying off!

  5. Wowza, looking super hot woman!!

  6. You look fabulous!! Nice red carpet pics, how fun! :)

  7. Thanks guys! It was fun for sure!

  8. Wow, you looked stunning in that dress! Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Mere, that dress fits you perfectly...and what a bummer the heels started to squeak! Love the silver contrast :) happy monday! xo, tasha

  10. Ooo, super sexy. You look great!



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