Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lacking Outfit Posts...

This week I have committed to morning workouts. I have committed to one week of early workouts along with bringing my lunch and snack (rather than eating out). So far so good but the morning workouts do not allow time for morning blog pictures. I'll see if I can squeeze one in tomorrow. I don't want to be a total slacker!

This weekend when I took a trip to MAC I picked up two eye shadows that I have been wanting lately, Wedge and Brule. I think these colors are both really pretty shades. I love the tone of Wedge and I love that they are both matte. I think Cork is going to be my next purchase. I am a huge fan of browns as I think they work well with blue eyes. What's your go-to eyeshadow colors?



Speaking of eyeshadow...

I have a confession to make---a rather guilty confession if I do say so myself. Remember my post here about the Naked Palette. Well, despite being 100% determined to forgo this purchase, I did it--I know, I know! I received another email today for this palette. I put one in my cart planning to give it as a gift for a friend. At the last minute, I changed the quantity from one to two. I feel like I got sucked in but I am one to love eyeshadow. As of now, I feel guilty like I should have stuck to my guns but worse case scenario, I'll sell it on eBay. Hopefully when it gets here I am not regretting it. I do feel a little silly giving in to this trend but isn't that how it always goes...if I remember correctly, I think gladiators were looked at by most as too far out for everyday people. We will see...sigh! ;-)

I hope you week is going well! See you later!!

xo Mere


  1. I'll have to check those colors out, they look pretty. I have the UD palette and I LOVE it. So many different combos! As for MAC colors I love Jest,Naked Lunch, Shroom, and Satin Taupe. I pair them with my UD colors too! Trust me you will not regret the decision to buy it :)

  2. Major props on early morning workouts! I can teach group fitness classes, train clients, and run bootcamps at 6am, but I will not get up to do a workout on my own early in the morning...Just can't do it! However, I do love teaching early, because it feels so refreshing to start my day with a workout!

  3. Brule looks like such a great brow highlight. I think other colors you might like are naked lunch, soba, shroom, and to really make your eyes pop, Amber Lights. I don't own that one because I think it would look too orange on me, but I bet on your blue eyes, it would look incredible! I hope you like the Naked palette. I'm curious to read a review from you!

  4. I really like that Wedge color. Brown eyeshadows are my favorite because you can wear them everyday without feeling too made-up... St least that's how I feel about them!

  5. This post is really helpful. Thank you so much.

  6. You will like the Naked palette. The colors are very wearable.



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