Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rough week...

I have been MIA this week thus far due to an overall crappy two days. I am so ready for this week to be over and it's only Tuesday. I have had two migraines in two days and when I say migraine, I mean a full deal migraine with all of the numbness and eye auras---twice! I have no idea what is causing them but it's so painful. I'm going on 36 hours straight and it's so aggravating.

To hold you over, here is an outfit from last week. I thought it was just mediocre and not overly exciting so I didn't post. In reality, not everyone's outfits are amazing everyday so this is just more of the real me :-)

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: Express
Cami: Express
Flats: Steve Madden

I am heading to bed very shortly. I'm hoping tomorrow night I'm posting on here what a great day I had so here's hoping!


  1. Mere, I actually enjoy glancing over "everyday" outfits. LOVE the pointed flats...do you know the style name?

    Feel better hun!
    <3, natasha

  2. Thanks! I actually keep all of my shoes in their boxes so I actually know a lot of my shoes names (hubs thinks it's weird lol) They are Pasion.

  3. You still look cute! Yes, most days, my outfits are not all that exciting since I don't have many opportunities to dress up as a stay at home mom and I often wonder whether I should post those up or not too!


  4. Hope you wake up tomorrow and everything is just the way you want it to be.

  5. Sorry about the migraine, that's yucky :( I really like those flats though!

  6. Yikes, I hope you feel better soon! My mom gets bad migraines frequently.



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