Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random: MAC Wonder Woman and New Shoes!

Happy Valentine's Eve friends. Tonight the hubs and I are making dinner together to celebrate Valentine's Day as tomorrow will be filled with work, grocery shopping, and running (how romantic, right?)

Friday I got out of work a little early and decided to swing by MAC before meeting some co-workers for Happy Hour. I was looking at all of the new items from the Wonder Woman Collection and I loved quite a few of the pieces. The blue nail polish is a deep, saturated blue that was so pretty and there was also this red lipstick I thought was so pretty. I passed on both as I have other or similar versions of these products. Plus the red is Russian Red which is available all of the time at MAC, just not in the Wonder Woman packaging.

I did however get an eyeshadow palette with some really pretty colors, the Lady Justice palette. It has two grays, a deep blue, and a silvery, white color. I was doing my makeup this morning and took some pictures of the palette and then was planning to take some picture of my makeup afterwards but the batteries died so these pictures are after all day shopping. Please excuse the worn off makeup and tired look. :-)

I did the last dark color in the crease and the blue in the outer "v", the light gray on the lid and the white as a highlight. 

Today my best friend and I drove up to Sarasota to visit the Fit2Run store, we seriously need to get one here where I live, I love this store. In the store you can get fitted for running shoes and since my friend has never been fitted for shoes and I have been having shin pain, I thought new shoes shopping would be a perfect Sunday afternoon activity.

I was in the market for some crazy colored shoes since I saw these in a running fun right!
I was thinking that I only wear running shoes to run so why settle for something so boring. After being fitted for the proper pronation and fit, these bad boys are the winner...

Mizuno Wave Elixir

These shoes are so lightweight, only 7.8 oz, and are seriously so comfortable. I bought othrotic insoles to try and extend the life of my current shoes but these are so great and I can't wait to run tomorrow to try them out.  

I'm off to make dinner with my lovely and drink some pretty yummy wine. I hope your Sunday evening is ever so relaxing. Happy V-Day!

xo Mere


  1. I saw the Wonder Woman Collection as well today. The blue looks so great on you! I should really try to step outside of the box a little more in the makeup department. Oh...and I love the side french braid up-do - Soooo Lauren Conrad! ;)

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend :)
    <3, natasha

  2. New running shoes already?? Those look like fun :)

    AND I love love the hair :)

  3. Thanks Natasha!

    @Heather--my other shoes are causing serious shin splints and therefore new shoes were in order. I'm going to try to extend their life with orthotics but that was not recommended by the running store associate. But when have I ever been one to listen to others lol.



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