Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Happy Wednesday Friends! It's only Wednesday--boo hoo!

The husband is out of town tonight as he has a meeting in Orlando tomorrow so I am catching up on my shows from this week. Biggest Loser is still such a great show to me. I love the changes that happen with the contestants and I think it's so awesome to see people lose weight and the emotional changes that happen too. It's always a tear jerker for me.

I whipped out these boots again, this morning the temperature was 50* but by lunch it was already 82*. This time of year in Florida is so all over the place.

Top: Anthropologie
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden Bradlee

Valentine's Day is around the corner, do any of you have plans? I am not a huge fan of this holiday as I think it's a little too commercial, but we still do at least a little something for each other. We usually do something nice for it, like dinner, but we don't exchange gifts or do extravagant gestures for one another. I have been looking on for some recipes, I think we are just going to make a nice dinner at home and enjoy each other's company. 

I hope your week is going great!

xo Mere


  1. Cute outfit, Mere! I love that quote too haha

  2. The detail on the back of those boot are adorable! ...I think this is the first time I’m noticing you are wearing a headband - too cute!

  3. That 5th pic is really nice!! Lighting, composition, outfit, etc!

  4. I like! It's amazing how sometimes you can find the cutest jeans at Old Navy. It's so hit or miss but when you hit it's exciting (and cheap!)


  5. I love the headband!

    I agree with you about Valentine's Day, we dont' celebrate with gifts or dinner out (that's the LAST day I'd want to be in a restaurant anyways) but we do spend it at home together. I like decorating for the holiday way more than the holiday itself, lol.



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