Monday, February 14, 2011

Outfit: Pink & Stripes!

Happy Valentine's Day! I have had no celebrations typical of Valentine's Day today but last night the hubs and I made a nice dinner, drank some good wine, and jammed to the performances of the Grammy's. My favorite was Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow. Love it! 

I got this cardigan at Express and I seriously am in love. I think I may have to get the other color also. It's soft and comfy and of course, has stripes! I added a little pop of pink, after all it is Valentine's Day! 


(as always, a goofy picture) 
Jeans: Express
Tank: H&M
Cardigan: Express
Shoes: Banana Republic
Ring: Charming Charlie

Thanks to the hubs for taking these while we were home for lunch. :-)

I ran in my new shoes today and while there was no shin splints, my legs were on fire. These are a more lightweight shoe and I think my legs need to adjust to not having as much shoe for support. I am running a 5k this weekend in town and I did a practice run and got a time tonight I'm happy with. I'm hoping maybe the adrenaline at the race will help me knock it down a little more. 

Hope you are all enjoying Valentine's Day, I'm eager to watch the Bachelor, the previews looked really good!

xo Mere


  1. I am loving that demin. What cut is it from express?

  2. I am loving the hot pink/navy/stripes combo for Spring, you look great!

  3. @cupcake--Thanks. They are Barely Boot--my favorite jeans!

    @Andi--me too! Thanks!!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! Love the look and that owl ring is too cute.

    <3, natasha

  5. I love those pictures! Cute outfit too - I like the way the stripes look with the pink top.

  6. You look wonderful Mere! Isn't that cardi the best? I want to wear mine all the time now! The pop of pink is fun and flirty - I'll have to keep that combo in mind.

  7. I love this outfit and the pics. I absolutely love the owl ring of course. I want to go back to that store with you please :)



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