Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally Thursday! Outfit...

Hey Hey! It's almost Friday. You know sometimes when the week just drags and stinks, that has been my week and I'm so so ready for the weekend! I'm pretty sure I have worn this outfit before or a combination of the pieces but it's been a long time so here it is again :-)

The weather in SW Florida has been gorgeous lately. It's so hard to convince myself to return to work after lunch instead of going to the pool or the beach.

Blowing kisses to Fitz

Pants: Ann Taylor
Tank: Banana Republic
Cardigan: AT Loft
Wedges: Banana Republic

I took these when I got home from working instead of before leaving this morning. Having a dog is so awesome, when I get home he is truly so excited to see me--running around like a maniac. He brings me toys and jumps on me and gives me kisses. I couldn't image life without my dog-child. :-)

Tonight's agenda consists of Grey's Anatomy and some early bed time. Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!!

xo Mere


  1. Love this! You and Natasha are both wearing trousers, and I just commented on her blog how long they make a gal's legs look. I need a pair! I can't believe I don't own any. I also love the rich blue of your cardi. It looks awesome with gray and white.

  2. The navy blue long cardi looks great on you hun!

  3. I love this! Those pants look great on you!



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