Friday, February 25, 2011

Fancy Pants Friday...

I made it! It's Friday!! This week, whoa, so glad it's over. The weather here is going to be gorgeous this weekend so I am planning to spend it at the pool!!

Have you ever had ideas about outfits just randomly pop into your head? Well this idea came to me as I was snoozing the alarm this morning. Some mornings I try to brainstorm ideas in bed to save a few minutes (or rather to spend a few more minutes sleeping).

About a year ago, I was 8-10 lbs heavier than I am now so a lot of my jeans are just a tad too big. I have been loving the boyfriend cropped pants that have been everywhere but I haven't purchased any as a part of my whole saving money bit. I was thinking this morning how I could easily roll up my skinny jeans up to achieve the same look. While these are as baggy as most "boyfriend" jeans per se I think they work great.

Jeans: Express
Top: Express
Shoes: Banana Republic

This morning I finished my first container of MAC's Prep + Prime Finishing Powder and I have to say that I am off to get a replacement tomorrow. 

I use a large fluffy powder brush (Sephora IT Round Powder Brush) and the finish is better than any pressed powder I have tried. I still use Benefit's Hello Flawless if I am not wearing foundation but I like the light feel and finish of the MAC powder with my foundation or tinted moisturizer. Have any of you tried this? I am definitely recommending it to you all.

Well the hubs and I are off to grab some dinner, I'm starved! I'm hoping for some sushi, haven't had any in a couple of week so I think it's time. Happy Weekend All!

xo Mere


  1. The shoes are gorgeous! They look wonderful with the cropped pants. Happy Friday! We made it!

  2. Thanks--these are prob one of my fave pairs. And yes--we made it! :-)

  3. LOVE the outfit! and those shoes are fabulous. :D


  4. What a great idea! Your makeup looks great by the way :)

    xoxo, natasha

  5. you look fantastic! you can tell how hard you've worked :)

  6. This blue is a really nice color on you!

  7. You look wonderful! Great outfit! Enjoy your well deserved weekend:)

  8. Mere you look so cute. Love love everything about this look. XOXO



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