Friday, February 18, 2011

Do You Give Into Hype?

Yesterday as I was checking my email, I noticed I received (yet another) email from Urban Decay regarding their new shipment of Naked Palettes for sale and once again I found myself debating this purchase. This in and of itself doesn't seem all that unusual, get an email and become intrigued by the products---understandable. But the background here is that when I received the first initial email from Urban Decay (I think it was in October) I wasn't interested. I think overall it's a little pricey since I have a lot of colors in my own collection that are comparable so I decided to pass.

However since all of the hype on blogs, message boards, and YouTube channels, I find myself considering this purchase every time I get the email. Yesterday I even put it in my cart and had my payment information entered before I had the realization that I didn't want this six months ago so obviously I'm giving into the hype??

So my question to you is----how often do you give into the hype?? Do you find that you sometimes don't end up using the products or items you caved for??  What other things can you think of that had tons of hype? Chanel Jade Polish comes to my mind too...

My food for thought for the day...

xo Mere


  1. I wanted the naked palette but didn't give in. I don't wear e/s's such a beautiful palette though.

  2. Rarely do I give into the hype - stick with what you know! Do you really need it? If you have many of the colors (or similar) already, pass! There will be another awesome product with hype soon! ;-)

  3. I got the palette and it's good, but if your heart is not in it, don't buy it.

  4. I really try not to give into hype since I can't afford to, haha, BUT I will say ... I want the Naked Palette with all my neutral eye-loving little heart. It's been sold out at my local Sephora and Ulta though so, for now, I'm not even able to give in! :)

  5. I have to admit that I do, sometimes give in to the hype...i find myself retuning an item a few days later, wondering "why did i buy this again?"

  6. I must say, the Naked palette is awesome. I use mine almost every day and even though I did give in to the hype, it was well worth it! I really really recommend it. I hate hyped up products though, especially ones that are LE and are hard to find. You just have to pick and choose ;)

  7. I didn't give into the hype on this one, lol :)
    But definitely on other products-Chanel's Particuliere and Paradoxal come to my mind first. You and I are both e/s fiends, I think we have the comparable colors already + I don't care for the sparkle in some of these colors. I tell myself there's other new products I could and would rather spend $44 on!

  8. I gave into it and I'm soooo happy I did. I use it just about everyday (I switch back and forth between my NP and MAC palette). Once you get it, I'm very positive that you're going to love it!

  9. I was really lucky and when I heard about it and saw swatches I went on Ulta and purchased it right away. I had no idea that there was such a high demand for it. I can't believe everyone still doesn't have one yet. I personally love love love the palette. It was my first high quality makeup purchase and I don't regret it, but since you have more comparable colors and other brands I'm not sure.

    But it's a favorite in my makeup collection.



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