Sunday, February 20, 2011

5k Race -- I PR'ed!

Every year in Southwest FL, there is a parade to honor Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford  both had winter homes here and since Edison invented the light bulb, he is honored with a night time parade of lights. The parade is quite a big deal and we have been going as a family ever since I can remember. I remember waiting by the busy highway for the roads to be closed and the minute they closed, everyone sets up camp and waits for the parade to begin.

Before the race every year, there is a 5k race---prob the biggest race we have here with over 1,300 runners. I decided to run this for the first time and I had a blast. We live within one mile of downtown so we walked down (using that as a warm up). My mom (the overly punctual one she is) had great seats near the beginning of the race so I dropped my bag off to her and went to line up for the race. My sister and her boyfriend were there, along with my husband and my friend who ran the race as well. Along the path I saw a few people I knew and my dad and his wife were further down with my uncles. It's so fun to run and get cheers along the way. One little girl even yelled to me..."7-6-2 I love your shoes!" Made me smile for sure!

Walking downtown, I love the sun in this picture.

Anxiously awaiting the start...

tons of peeps waiting too...

My Mama

...and we are off...

I finished! My time was 32:38, my best yet. I am slowly getting faster so I am pleased with the number despite the fact that I look like I'm about to die lol.

My peep finished too! First race ever for her...

My sister and I after the race.

The hubs and I after. (He was fishing all day so that explains that crazy hair lol)

After we cooled down a bit...

...and fireworks as a kick off to the parade!

I had a really great time and getting faster helps to motivate me to continue on this path. I have another race scheduled in March so I hope this getting faster thing continues. 

The weather in Fort Myers this weekend was phenomenal! My sister and I hung out at the pool yesterday and her and I along with both of our significant others went fishing/boating today. While it was a tad cool when the boat was moving, it was perfect when we were floating along and listening to music. Now at least I have a bit of color so the hubs can stop confusing me with casper :-)

I hope your weekend was equally nice and tomorrow starts the week again. Can't wait until next weekend to do it all again. I have to say this no working on the weekend thing is pretty awesome. :-)

xoxo Mere


  1. yay! good for you :) congrats on your PR!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oops :)

    Congrats Mere! "762 love thoes shoes!" lol

    <3, natasha

  4. Congratulations Mere! I would love to join you next year for that one.



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