Friday, February 25, 2011

Fancy Pants Friday...

I made it! It's Friday!! This week, whoa, so glad it's over. The weather here is going to be gorgeous this weekend so I am planning to spend it at the pool!!

Have you ever had ideas about outfits just randomly pop into your head? Well this idea came to me as I was snoozing the alarm this morning. Some mornings I try to brainstorm ideas in bed to save a few minutes (or rather to spend a few more minutes sleeping).

About a year ago, I was 8-10 lbs heavier than I am now so a lot of my jeans are just a tad too big. I have been loving the boyfriend cropped pants that have been everywhere but I haven't purchased any as a part of my whole saving money bit. I was thinking this morning how I could easily roll up my skinny jeans up to achieve the same look. While these are as baggy as most "boyfriend" jeans per se I think they work great.

Jeans: Express
Top: Express
Shoes: Banana Republic

This morning I finished my first container of MAC's Prep + Prime Finishing Powder and I have to say that I am off to get a replacement tomorrow. 

I use a large fluffy powder brush (Sephora IT Round Powder Brush) and the finish is better than any pressed powder I have tried. I still use Benefit's Hello Flawless if I am not wearing foundation but I like the light feel and finish of the MAC powder with my foundation or tinted moisturizer. Have any of you tried this? I am definitely recommending it to you all.

Well the hubs and I are off to grab some dinner, I'm starved! I'm hoping for some sushi, haven't had any in a couple of week so I think it's time. Happy Weekend All!

xo Mere

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally Thursday! Outfit...

Hey Hey! It's almost Friday. You know sometimes when the week just drags and stinks, that has been my week and I'm so so ready for the weekend! I'm pretty sure I have worn this outfit before or a combination of the pieces but it's been a long time so here it is again :-)

The weather in SW Florida has been gorgeous lately. It's so hard to convince myself to return to work after lunch instead of going to the pool or the beach.

Blowing kisses to Fitz

Pants: Ann Taylor
Tank: Banana Republic
Cardigan: AT Loft
Wedges: Banana Republic

I took these when I got home from working instead of before leaving this morning. Having a dog is so awesome, when I get home he is truly so excited to see me--running around like a maniac. He brings me toys and jumps on me and gives me kisses. I couldn't image life without my dog-child. :-)

Tonight's agenda consists of Grey's Anatomy and some early bed time. Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!!

xo Mere

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Outfit: Wearing White...

Hello Readers! I am pleased to say that while I am not 100% today, I'm at least 85% and I'll take it. Thanks for all of the sweet comments yesterday.

Today my company had our earnings release and our Quarterly Meeting to discuss our 2010 performance. We received an email a couple of weeks ago with the lyrics to Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" and an attached audio file to listen to. The instructions were to learn the song as they were planning to film our company singing and dancing to it for a promotional internal video. The company I work for has a few different brands and each brand was supposed to wear a color for this video so I was to wear white---this is one of two white tops I have some getting ready this morning was actually pretty easy. :-) The singing and dancing today was hilarious---it's funny to see a CEO of a major corporation dancing and singing this song.

Jeans: Express Barely Boot
Top: H&M, seen here and here
Wedges: Old Navy (these were a steal last summer!) Seen here

Also I just wanted to say welcome to my couple new followers I have see join recently---I love when I see my little number creep up. :-)

Timer is ringing so time to grab dinner....xoxo lovelies!

xo Mere

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rough week...

I have been MIA this week thus far due to an overall crappy two days. I am so ready for this week to be over and it's only Tuesday. I have had two migraines in two days and when I say migraine, I mean a full deal migraine with all of the numbness and eye auras---twice! I have no idea what is causing them but it's so painful. I'm going on 36 hours straight and it's so aggravating.

To hold you over, here is an outfit from last week. I thought it was just mediocre and not overly exciting so I didn't post. In reality, not everyone's outfits are amazing everyday so this is just more of the real me :-)

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: Express
Cami: Express
Flats: Steve Madden

I am heading to bed very shortly. I'm hoping tomorrow night I'm posting on here what a great day I had so here's hoping!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

5k Race -- I PR'ed!

Every year in Southwest FL, there is a parade to honor Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford  both had winter homes here and since Edison invented the light bulb, he is honored with a night time parade of lights. The parade is quite a big deal and we have been going as a family ever since I can remember. I remember waiting by the busy highway for the roads to be closed and the minute they closed, everyone sets up camp and waits for the parade to begin.

Before the race every year, there is a 5k race---prob the biggest race we have here with over 1,300 runners. I decided to run this for the first time and I had a blast. We live within one mile of downtown so we walked down (using that as a warm up). My mom (the overly punctual one she is) had great seats near the beginning of the race so I dropped my bag off to her and went to line up for the race. My sister and her boyfriend were there, along with my husband and my friend who ran the race as well. Along the path I saw a few people I knew and my dad and his wife were further down with my uncles. It's so fun to run and get cheers along the way. One little girl even yelled to me..."7-6-2 I love your shoes!" Made me smile for sure!

Walking downtown, I love the sun in this picture.

Anxiously awaiting the start...

tons of peeps waiting too...

My Mama

...and we are off...

I finished! My time was 32:38, my best yet. I am slowly getting faster so I am pleased with the number despite the fact that I look like I'm about to die lol.

My peep finished too! First race ever for her...

My sister and I after the race.

The hubs and I after. (He was fishing all day so that explains that crazy hair lol)

After we cooled down a bit...

...and fireworks as a kick off to the parade!

I had a really great time and getting faster helps to motivate me to continue on this path. I have another race scheduled in March so I hope this getting faster thing continues. 

The weather in Fort Myers this weekend was phenomenal! My sister and I hung out at the pool yesterday and her and I along with both of our significant others went fishing/boating today. While it was a tad cool when the boat was moving, it was perfect when we were floating along and listening to music. Now at least I have a bit of color so the hubs can stop confusing me with casper :-)

I hope your weekend was equally nice and tomorrow starts the week again. Can't wait until next weekend to do it all again. I have to say this no working on the weekend thing is pretty awesome. :-)

xoxo Mere

Friday, February 18, 2011

Do You Give Into Hype?

Yesterday as I was checking my email, I noticed I received (yet another) email from Urban Decay regarding their new shipment of Naked Palettes for sale and once again I found myself debating this purchase. This in and of itself doesn't seem all that unusual, get an email and become intrigued by the products---understandable. But the background here is that when I received the first initial email from Urban Decay (I think it was in October) I wasn't interested. I think overall it's a little pricey since I have a lot of colors in my own collection that are comparable so I decided to pass.

However since all of the hype on blogs, message boards, and YouTube channels, I find myself considering this purchase every time I get the email. Yesterday I even put it in my cart and had my payment information entered before I had the realization that I didn't want this six months ago so obviously I'm giving into the hype??

So my question to you is----how often do you give into the hype?? Do you find that you sometimes don't end up using the products or items you caved for??  What other things can you think of that had tons of hype? Chanel Jade Polish comes to my mind too...

My food for thought for the day...

xo Mere

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outfit for "Thursday"...

This morning I woke up and swore it was Thursday. Not only did I initially think it was Thursday, I kept thinking it was Thursday all day long. I hate that. Needless to say, I'm not pleased it's only Wednesday.


Top: Express
Pants: Michael Kors
Cardi: Express
Heels: Steve Madden

This weekend I have a 5k so I am resting the rest of the week. I did 2.5 miles today so I'm looking forward to resting the rest of the week, I love coming straight home from work.

My company opened a gym/fitness center yesterday and I went over to that building to take a look. It's crazy gorgeous. It's top of the line, has trainers, masseuses, and a nail salon area. There are group classes (yoga, sculpt, boot camp, zumba, and cycle), cardio equipment, weight machines, and free weights. I'm debating whether to cancel my LA Fitness membership or not. It's only opened Monday - Friday 6a-8p so I wouldn't be able to work out on the weekends but it's free.  What do you think? Do any of you workout at your place of work? Just trying to decide---my LA Fitness is only $37 a month so it wouldn't be a huge savings. Hmmm decisions?

I hope tomorrow flies by since I already had my Thursday today lol. 

xo Mere

Monday, February 14, 2011

Outfit: Pink & Stripes!

Happy Valentine's Day! I have had no celebrations typical of Valentine's Day today but last night the hubs and I made a nice dinner, drank some good wine, and jammed to the performances of the Grammy's. My favorite was Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow. Love it! 

I got this cardigan at Express and I seriously am in love. I think I may have to get the other color also. It's soft and comfy and of course, has stripes! I added a little pop of pink, after all it is Valentine's Day! 


(as always, a goofy picture) 
Jeans: Express
Tank: H&M
Cardigan: Express
Shoes: Banana Republic
Ring: Charming Charlie

Thanks to the hubs for taking these while we were home for lunch. :-)

I ran in my new shoes today and while there was no shin splints, my legs were on fire. These are a more lightweight shoe and I think my legs need to adjust to not having as much shoe for support. I am running a 5k this weekend in town and I did a practice run and got a time tonight I'm happy with. I'm hoping maybe the adrenaline at the race will help me knock it down a little more. 

Hope you are all enjoying Valentine's Day, I'm eager to watch the Bachelor, the previews looked really good!

xo Mere

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random: MAC Wonder Woman and New Shoes!

Happy Valentine's Eve friends. Tonight the hubs and I are making dinner together to celebrate Valentine's Day as tomorrow will be filled with work, grocery shopping, and running (how romantic, right?)

Friday I got out of work a little early and decided to swing by MAC before meeting some co-workers for Happy Hour. I was looking at all of the new items from the Wonder Woman Collection and I loved quite a few of the pieces. The blue nail polish is a deep, saturated blue that was so pretty and there was also this red lipstick I thought was so pretty. I passed on both as I have other or similar versions of these products. Plus the red is Russian Red which is available all of the time at MAC, just not in the Wonder Woman packaging.

I did however get an eyeshadow palette with some really pretty colors, the Lady Justice palette. It has two grays, a deep blue, and a silvery, white color. I was doing my makeup this morning and took some pictures of the palette and then was planning to take some picture of my makeup afterwards but the batteries died so these pictures are after all day shopping. Please excuse the worn off makeup and tired look. :-)

I did the last dark color in the crease and the blue in the outer "v", the light gray on the lid and the white as a highlight. 

Today my best friend and I drove up to Sarasota to visit the Fit2Run store, we seriously need to get one here where I live, I love this store. In the store you can get fitted for running shoes and since my friend has never been fitted for shoes and I have been having shin pain, I thought new shoes shopping would be a perfect Sunday afternoon activity.

I was in the market for some crazy colored shoes since I saw these in a running fun right!
I was thinking that I only wear running shoes to run so why settle for something so boring. After being fitted for the proper pronation and fit, these bad boys are the winner...

Mizuno Wave Elixir

These shoes are so lightweight, only 7.8 oz, and are seriously so comfortable. I bought othrotic insoles to try and extend the life of my current shoes but these are so great and I can't wait to run tomorrow to try them out.  

I'm off to make dinner with my lovely and drink some pretty yummy wine. I hope your Sunday evening is ever so relaxing. Happy V-Day!

xo Mere


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