Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011

Well I'm back and in one piece. The Warrior Dash was so fun and exciting!!

The race was held about 2.5 hours from where we live in Lake Wales, FL. The hubs and I got up bright and early this morning and headed that way. I started my day with a hearty bowl of McD's oatmeal (If you haven't tried the oatmeal, it is surprisingly good).

We were in the first wave so when we arrived, it wasn't crazy busy which was nice. The parking area was muddy and the idiot directing traffic put us and our 4-door sedan in a hole and we were immediately stuck. The hubs was able to maneuver us out after spraying me with mud. Here is what my wheels looked like after...
At least we were out of the mud pit.

Some pictures of us preparing for the race (and goofing off to get rid of the jitters!) I felt the need to flex often, must have been the Warrior in me hehe.

There was a race yesterday and one today, each day having 13,000 participants and 600 in each wave! That is insane! Here is my wave gearing up to take off--
We were all so excited, even though this lay before us.

The hubs (aka awesome photographer) walked around to a part of the course and got some picture of us at the junk car/tire obstacle. By this point, we had already limboed under barb wire, climbed over walls, ran across hay bales, ran through palmettos, and trucked through thigh high mud about six times.

Coming up to the fire...
Me and Heather's brother in law up and over...
Heather and her friend up and over... 

After we finished, we got bananas, water, and a medal. Then I immediately went to the communal showers. It's amazing how the mud bakes on you. The picture of me with my medal is after I "showered off". 

This seriously was a great race. It was affordable, fun, and we all got really cool hats! lol! This is after we changed and cleaned up a bit. Then we were off for free beer and turkey legs! Yum!!

(For anyone that is planning on doing this race, I suggest bringing a towel or two, trashbags, and two or three wet washcloths in a zip lock bag. I was able to clean the majority of the mud off at my car with that--very helpful.)

I'm already gearing up and planning for the Muddy Buddy at Disney in April. Need to get everyone in order and signed up--lol. This is really a fun way to train and workout while having a great time. Seriously recommend! (major props to the hubs for going with me and taking great pics--love you!!!!)

Hope you weekend was a blast!

xoxo Mere


  1. what a fun post! that fire scares me a bit though!

  2. Awesome. Love the pics. I babysat for a couple who did the race. : ] Sounded pretty sweet. Proud of you.

  3. Cool pics - congrats! I sat out this time but next year - I'm a warrior!

  4. Very fun and thanks for sharing! Great pictures and great tips about what to bring. (omalley)

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