Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Company Store Haul...

As most of you know, I recently started working for a fashion retailer in the accounting department. The company has a company store that sells random items for dirt cheap (i.e. accessories = $5, tops, pants, skirts = $6, dresses, jackets = $11, specialty items and gowns = $21) I have been going over there periodically checking things out and here is what I have learned.

The store opens at 11 each day and everything good is gone/taken shortly thereafter. The company has a couple brands they own and in the brand I like the most, they usually only have one of anything that is cute but there are great steals if you can find them. A co-worker went over yesterday and got a trench coat that retails for $188 for $11. Seriously $11!! I ran over and of course they were all gone. She bought it for her daughter who is a size 2 but I tried it on and it fit me so I causally said, if it doesn't fit, I'll take it---hoping it comes back to me soon. Oh and you can't try anything on so its a crap shoot that it fits and some items aren't marked so you have to eyeball it.

Here are some items I have purchased. I haven't really been diligent about going over early as I am kind of trying to save money but I got some cute items and tomorrow my mom is going to come with me so I am going to go over there at opening to see what I can find.

 First up, this dress is a little snug but I really like it. I'm hoping I lose a little, like an inch to a half an inch and I think it will fit perfectly.

Love this one and it will be great for work.

 This one is eh. I dislike the belt it came with and I think my gray belt looks better but I am still not sold on it. We will see.

This bolero fits great and while I wouldn't necessarily wear it like this, I do like this for a fancy night out.
 Simple bangle bracelets
This skirt didn't photograph well but I love it. It is a black and white tween pencil skirt but it doesn't fit. This one is going to the little sister I guess :-(

I did realize that I forgot to photograph one other dress that I am still on fence about but maybe in the next haul I'll share it with you all. I think that I am still learning the best way to shop without knowing sizes and being able to try it on. I am going tomorrow early and bringing my mom so I am hoping for some goodies.

I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday. This week has been intense and full of training--I feel like I cannot mentally retain any more information. Sorry if this post is blah, I am half asleep typing it. I think it's going to be an early night tonight.

Happy Friday!


  1. You are a lucky gal! Love the idea that you can shop at work. Ha! By the way, this is my first time seeing the blog's new look! I love it - Purple is my favorite color! ;)

    xoxo, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  2. How lucky, I love everything!

  3. That second dress looks so fabulous on you!!

  4. Third dress - faboluous! ^^

  5. I like I like. You have such great taste. Ps: I did a clothing blog today that was inspired by you sharing all your cool outfits. : ]


  6. All those pieces are gorgeous!! My favorite is the black swiss dot dress. What a cool perk!



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