Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Playing Dress Up...

Tonight I got to play dress up with my little sister and if you all are anything like me, dress up equals fun! She is wanting to learn more about different hair and makeup looks so we just played around with some ideas.

My sister has different features than me so initially I wasn't sure the best way to approach the eye makeup. I have a larger eye lids than her so it's different to apply makeup. I wanted to create a smoky eye look without looking like too much makeup or making her eyes look smaller.

I think it was successful and I got to have a little fun too.

Firstly, I took her hair and curled it back and while it was still hot, I set it in velcro rollers to cool. I think if she was going to do this for going out, she'd probably need to add mousse to her hair while it's wet and blow dry with a round brush before the curling and setting in rollers. I think this will give it a little more body. Overall, her hair set in the rollers for about an hour. These rollers are large and are more for body than for curl. 

For her makeup, I wanted to try a brown smoky eye and a purple smoky eye. Since it is late and she was just heading home afterwards, I decided to do one color on each eye for a better comparison. On a side note -- Eyelids are super delicate so I didn't want to do the makeup, wash it off and do it again--better to be overly cautious. I have tried various eye looks at one time in the past, washing and reapplying and it left me with sore, dry skin on my eyelids.

And the finished result of the makeup, her hair was being held back and was a little flat here so don't pay any attention there :-) Brown on her left and purple on her right. Which do you think looks best. We were going for a smoky, sultry look. 
 Close up of the brown:
 Close up of the purple:

Overall finished look (with the sis not smiling, she was prob tired of the pictures lol) --keep in mind I am wanting the hair to have more volume so next time I think it will look more full and voluminous.

And because I think it's totally adorable...

So that was my evening. :-) If you have any questions about any of the products she is wearing, just ask and I'l answer no problems. It's just too many for me to get up and go find to list---I'm getting ready to get into bed soon. :-)

I have a blog post going up tomorrow with all of the goodies I have purchased at the company store. I am slowly learning my sizing there and therefore I have purchased some things that aren't the best fit but most are pretty fab. Stay tuned...

Hopefully your week is coming along to you soon.


  1. oh my gosh, how fun! your sister is such a beauty!

  2. i like the purple one and i agree with andi your sister is so pretty

  3. I like both, but prefer the brown ever-so-slightly more!

  4. She's so pretty, I really like both but prefer the brown just *thismuch* more! I want you to teach me eyes, I am terrible at doing mine!

  5. You guys are so cute. I like both eyes a lot. Purple, no brown, no purple?! She does look gorgeous :) Sounds like a fun night.

  6. Wow, you did a great job with her makeup! My sister loves when I do her makeup :)

  7. Both are really pretty, but I do like the brown just a tad more:)

  8. Thanks everyone! Your comments are greatly appreciated by my sister. :-)



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