Thursday, January 6, 2011

Outift: William Rast for Target

While Christmas shopping last month, I was in Target picking up some last minute items and I spotted the William Rast line for Target. I wasn't initially intrigued by this line but there was actually a nice collection. This jacket grabbed my attention and I couldn't pass it up.

Tank: Banana Republic
Jeans: Express
Flats: Steve Madden

Have any of you purchased anything from this line? Please share!

So tomorrow is my first Friday at my new job, this week has been relatively slow since this is a busy week at the company and my manager hasn't really had much time to show me the ropes. I think next week will be a lot better and more informative. It's actually been nice being slow since I feel pretty crappy still. Thanks for all of your well wishes.

xoxo Mere

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE that jacket! It looks so much better on you than the model. I need to head to Target to check it out. Somehow I've walked past all the clothes!



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