Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfit: How Now Brown Cow...

Yes...I am really low on fuel for the creative titles lol. This rhymed and worked with the brown of my sweater. :-)

So dearies, another week has come, and almost gone. It's Thursday night, best night of the work week by far. I have had a really productive week at work and got another day of running in today also. I was pretty sore from yesterday but I did a slow and steady pace just to get my three miles in.

I have a question--so the race this weekend is a running and obstacle course race. Some of the obstacles may be less than desirable for my legs (as in scratchy) as there is a run through some bushes and hoping over hay bales. Here is my dilemma--I hate wearing pants when running so I really want to wear shorts. Do you think you would wear shorts? I don't want to totally regret it but I am thinking that I would prefer shorts. Also, for the previous mud race I did, I wore capri's thinking that it would keep the mud out of certain places and that didn't really happen--mud creeped everywhere. So there is my little question?

It was surprisingly cold this morning so boots it is. Our boot season will be ending shortly here in the ol' FL so we take advantage while we can.

Jeans: Old Navy
Tank: Banana Republic
Sweater: H&M
Boots: Ciao Bella

On a separate note, what's with all of the repeats on Grey's Anatomy?? The hubs and I got all comfy tonight, turned the tv on and it was a repeat---grrr! Don't get it!

Hope your Friday is fantabulous! 

xo Mere


  1. Hi! This is the blogger from Deconstructed Life. I stopped writing at Deconstructed Life and am now writing at I Try Stuff On (So You Don't Have To) at and was hoping you could update my change in your blog links section in your sidebar. I still have to create my own Blog Link list (in the next week or two) but I will definitely be putting you on it! Thank you!

  2. Consider it done! Welcome back to blogging---we have missed you. :-)



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