Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Outfit: First Day Success...

Firstly, thanks so much for your input. You are all so awesome. I got the most votes for the blue (purple actually, photographs weird) skirt but when I put it on this morning, it was bordering on too short and I wanted to scope out other people that work there before wearing it. Therefore I went with this outfit---

Top: H&M
Skirt: Zara
Belt: Anthropologie
Pumps: JS by Jessica Simpson

Can I just say I am in love with these shoes??? I bought these while Christmas shopping and I didn't realize that I would seriously fall in love with them! So great and they were comfortable (as comfortable as 4" heels can be for 8 hours). 

These are the first pictures taken with the tripod and the remote--what do you think? Better than the headless mirror shots?? Let me know :-)

So a job recap--I love this company! The benefits and employee extras are phenomenal---seriously! There is an on-site store that is open from 11a-2p Tuesday through Friday where the average price of items is $6! (Even though I am not disclosing the name of the company, I have a feeling you will soon be able to guess from my Outfit Posts).

I started my training plan for decreasing my 5k time today from Hal Higdon. I ran three miles. It's been a while since I ran that distance so it was a little hard but it felt good to run outside again. Tonight is the beginning of Biggest Loser--can't wait.

Overall, today was a great start for my 2011! I hope your year is starting off well too.

xo Mere


  1. I can't guess where you are working yet, but you look incredible! I agree with you, those JS shoes are so pretty. She designs the cutest pumps! Happy New Year Mere, and congrats on everything that is happening for you in 2011 =)

  2. Fabulous outfit choice, you look great! I'm glad to hear that your first day went well :)

  3. So awesome your new job is so rocking! I love this outfit, you look great!

  4. i absolutely LOVE that skirt on you!

  5. Congrats on the new job- the outfit looks great! I've been reading your blog for a while, I absolutely love your style. We like many of the same stores! I am just getting into blogging myself- if you have any tips for me, please share!

    Congrats again and happy 2011 :)


  6. Thanks everyone! You are all so awesome!

    @Stacey--Thank you. As for your blog, I'd stay stick to who you are. Post things you like and talk about topics you are familiar with---don't write what you think is most popular or common at a given time. I feel like I get the most views and comments when I am just me. Also don't compare your page views, readers, followers to anyone else---the beauty of having a blog is it being all your own. Send me a link when you set it up--I'd love to check it out! :-)

  7. Fantastic outfit choice if I say so myself! I'm really liking these pictures with the tripod - you look amazing btw.

    Congrats again on the new job! The only perk I get with mine is software - lol.

  8. Cute outfit!! Glad you're liking your new job!!

  9. You look adorable! Congratulations!

  10. What a great first day outfit, I love it!



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