Friday, January 7, 2011

Outfit and a Little Camera Fun...

Tonight before heading out for dinner, the hubs and I were messing around with the camera and the flash trying out different settings so I have a couple crazy shots. It's amazing the difference a quality camera makes. Previously, I was using a typical point and shoot camera but this week with the tripod and remote, I have been using the hubs digital SLR camera. The quality is exponentially better.

I was really feeling a bold lip tonight for going out with the hubs so I did a dark red. It came out really good, I liked the shade of red better than any other I have worn before. I have done red before but this is the first time I have done a dark red. I used two different products to achieve this color.

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, seen here
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Steve Madden

The products I used were Sephora retractable waterproof lip pencil in 05 red and Smashbox Doubletake Lip Color in Cranberry. First I took the Sephora liner and lined and colored in my lips. Next I used the Smashbox and lined over the Sephora color and colored in the lips using the liner end to get a darker color. I then used the Lip Color end of the Smashbox and topped off the liner. This is a really great product and I have used this specific colored one for a couple years now. One end has a lip liner and the one a lipstick in the form of a pencil and it lasts for a while. This color above was the end result. I didn't top it off with a gloss because I was going for more of a matte look. 

I have found that when using red, it's really important to color in the entire lip with the liner prior to using the lip color and also if you are using a typical style lipstick, it's best to apply it with a lip brush for the most accurate application. 

Now all I need to work on are my Photoshop skills and all will be perfect. :-) I'd like to learn how to fix the colors and brightness and also how to make collages. If you know of any good links, share please! Happy Friday all! I hope you enjoy the weekend.

xo Mere


  1. Your lips look great! I've recently started wearing darker colors as well and it's such a fun way to add a pop to your look without having to put on a ton of makeup. I love the way dark lips look with dark hair - fab!

  2. Thanks @ Lindsay. I love it too but I seem to always forget about the darker lips when getting ready. I need to do it more often for sure.


    I'm loving the deep red lips...very Marilyn Monroe of you :). I always enjoy when you post your "every day" outfits. Thanks for sharing!

    <3, natasha

  4. I love your necklace!



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