Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Layout!

Welcome to my new layout. I have been thinking about changing my layout to something more simple lately and after receiving a blog comment about larger images, I decided it's time to change. I love purple and this simple, purple themed layout is perfect for what I was thinking.

I am posting an outfit here that is probably not blog worthy, but I want to try out the larger pictures and therefore, it's getting blogged. This is what I wore to work yesterday for an easy Friday.

Jeans: Express
Tank: Target
Sweater: American Eagle
Flats: Gap

It was a little cold out and I didn't really feel like blowing out and ironing my hair so I was going with the waving air-dried look. Since it was cold and my hair wasn't drying quickly, I decided to use a diffuser, which I don't use often, and it came out pretty good. I dried it about 80% of the way and let it air dry the rest.

Yesterday I took my first trip to the Company Store. I got two dresses, a tank, and a set of bangles for $34. Not too shabby. On Fridays, the Store is open to certain outsiders (i.e. non-associates) and there were these two girls that must have grabbed everything cute. They were in the corner trying things on over their clothes and everything they had was uber-cute. They were about my size so needless to say, my section was pretty barren by the time I got there to shop. I am going again next week since they put new things out every day---here's hoping I find something great!

I got my hair trimmed and dyed today so no more grays (for a little while at least). :-) We are going to go to the movies tonight to watch The Dilemma with Vince Vaughn, looks pretty good and he is usually funny no matter what. I hope your weekend is going off without a hitch! (Second Saturday in January not working---yay!)

xo Mere


  1. I like your hair like that! I've never used a diffuser before, does it help with frizz? I have the worst hair ever and can't seem to get it to not be frizzy when I wear it curly...

  2. those flats are so cute and i love the new layout and bigger pics!

  3. @Lindsay--Thanks. I think using a diffuser on low does minimize frizz. I spray Gardnier Wonder Waves and then use the diffuser on low. Hope this helps.

    @Couture & Veronika--Thanks. Glad to see the pics are better. :-)

  4. Love the new layout indeed! I also love the larger pictures ;)
    I still want those flats too Mere! I even went hunting for them but can't find them

  5. I like the new layout too! I need to start working harder on mine....but I'm not that tech savvy.

    Your hair also looks super cute! What products do you use? Whenever I try to dry it like that it still looks and feels "crunchy" instead of soft and pretty

  6. Love the new layout and the purple (of course). Your hair looks gorgeous and I am absolutely loving the new pics with the remote. XO

  7. I love the flats with the bows!

  8. Hi Mere! What product do you use for your hair? I like it that way. My twin sisters will surely love such look. I like your blog layout too. The color is nice (purple) and the design is just simple, hence easy to read. My brother is a website and blog designer in Calgary. Search engine optimization and online marketing jobs occupy most of his working hours. In Calgary, SEO is important, especially for beauty and fashion blogs and websites coz of stiff competition. Thanks for sharing!



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