Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Like the First Day of School All Over...

Tomorrow begins a new chapter in my life---first day at my new job. It feels like the first day of school when I was younger, planning my outfit and thinking of my nerves. This time though, I need some help. I did tell you guys the place has a casual dress code and I am just not sure what to wear. Everyone I interviewed with was wearing jeans but I don't know if I should bust out jeans on the first day. I was looking through old outfit posts for other ideas. I need your help! (on a side note, the temp tomorrow is around 75*) Here are my options:


seen here


seen here

seen here

with black pumps or these black booties


seen here

5: Option 5 is for me to go find a pair of trouser jeans today and wear them with a nice top and pumps/booties.

So those are the options that I found but these are the only options I'm considering, if you have any other ideas I am open. Thanks for your help---you are always great in offering your opinions!

xo Mere


  1. Greetings! GL at your first day btw :)

    I'm big into dark colors, so I'd go with the skirt & shoes from #1 w/ the shirt from #2. In addition, I'd add a cardigan of some sort just as a backup if I got chilly (I get cold quicker with bare toes).

  2. I know I'm too late but my choice would have been outfit 2. I def would not wear jeans on the first day even if they do.
    I hope you had a great first day. Tell us how it went and what you wore!

  3. I like #3.
    I know you said the job with a fashion retailer, were lots of people at your interview wearing that brand of clothes? I work for one too and we all wear our brand to work. Makes getting dressed in the morning easy. Good luck!

  4. good luck on your first day!! I love option 2 and 3, but option 3 slightly more!

  5. This may the late but I love the blue skirt outfit. : ]



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