Monday, January 24, 2011

I Can't Wait For...

Daylight Savings Time.
I'm so tired of it being dark so early. It's really cramping my running style. I have to rely on my husband to bike next to me while I run and while it's not so bad, I just like it to be light when I run. Also, it's so sad for it to be dark at 6:15! Ready for March 13th.

Ok enough complaining. I haven't been shopping much at all lately but I have been browsing. Here are some things that I have spotted that I think are totally fabulous.

This blazer is totally cute and my style. I love how they have it styled here. 

This dress looks like spring to me---bright and ruffly.

These two dresses from Express look like Spring to me also but I think could be accessorized with black or brown accessories to make it more appropriate for now (in Florida anyways--I realize these materials are out of the question for most of you). ;-)

I've been digging stripes for a while and there is no sign of that leaving anytime soon. I love these two skirts from White House Black Market.

...and these beauties from Piperlime.

Even thought I really like these items, I am going to withhold my spending. So far I have been pretty decent with my New Years plan to limit spending. I realize it's only the fourth week of January but I feel it's different this time. 

Hope your Monday was good. Mine went by quickly (which I love) but I feel super tired. Breakfast for dinner tonight, love it! Woo hoo! (then the Bachelor) :-)

xo Mere


  1. Can't wait for daylight saving time. LOVE the Sway skirt, it's gorgeous!

  2. Love the shoes and BR dress. I'm with you on DST - I'm tired of running on the dreadmill because it is dark when I get home from work and get up to go to work.



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