Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to Reality...

Monday--seriously the most dependable day of the week. Guaranteed to show up every week no matter how uninvited! This week is a month end close and also year end and therefore is the busiest time of year for us. Since I don't have a ton of responsibilities yet, I am not working that late but I'm sure next month end, things won't be this sweet.

This morning the remote wasn't working for my camera, I am thinking the battery is dying so these pictures are showing my aggravation lol.

Jeans: Express
Top: {super old--not idea}
Jacket: Hinge from Nordstrom
Pumps: Steve Madden

Dinner is getting out of control on the stove so I gotta run. Here's to a great week.

xo Mere


  1. Mere, your Steve Maddens are HOTT! Love how they look with a pair of jeans :)

    <3, natasha

  2. So chic! I have a jacket that is very similar and you are inspiring me to wear it again!



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