Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Run Summary...

Today the dailymile.com sent me a link to my 2010 summary. I'm pretty proud of it and thought I would share. It's crazy to think I ran over 250 miles last year. I only started running in December of 2009 and running has quickly became a love, an addiction. Click here for my summary for 2010.

I have had a lingering cough that only acts up at night and I haven't been sleeping all that well this week. Other than the cough, I feel 100% better than last week and I even got a run in tonight after work. My husband is so awesome, after he got home from his time at the gym, he hopped on the bike and rode next to me so I was able to run in the dark and not be uncomfortable or paranoid. Love him! 

I saw this image online a couple weeks ago and I really like it...it's so true and it this kind of thinking really motivates me. 

How are you all coming along with your fitness resolutions? Due to the travel and my cold, I am off to a slow start but I am determined to catch up. Good luck.

xo Mere

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