Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Week of Wish...

This week I have been in Atlanta for work and due to the fact that Delta charged me $90!! yes $90 for excess baggage fee, I decided to cut down on everything I pack. I packed the bare minimum for everything. This means that I did not pack a makeup look for every day and therefore I thought the Smashbox Wish Palette would be perfect. I have not got the opportunity to use the Wish palette yet so I was pretty excited. Overall I like the palette and I think the looks in the idea book are cute. My only complaint is that some of the pigments are not highly pigmented.

Here is my "Week of Wish".

Tuesday: Classic Smokey Eye

This look used all of the colors on the far right column. This has been my favorite look of the week. I usually don't wear eye liner during the day but this cream liner looked really good all day. I wear glasses to work so me wearing darker/more intense looks isn't so prominent behind my glasses. I really like this look.

Wednesday: Daytime Chic

This look was more of a brown with purple accent. This look was pretty good too. I liked it overall. I don't think normally I would have ever paired a brown lid color with purple accent liner. Excuse the wet hair look, I air dried with some wave spray. I was still stuffed up on Tuesday and wasn't up to the whole hair regimen today.

Thursday: Lucious Lilac

I must say that this look turned out pretty good but I was not pleased during the application. The purple for the lid color, second one down on the left, looked like it should have been so bright and its was so muted. I put a lot of the purple on and eventually mixed it with the darker one to get more color.  I must say I was disappointed. The end result was cute and I think I would do this look with some other more pigmented colors again.

Friday: Wish Signature Smokey Eye

I know I know, another smokey eye but what can I's my thing. This smokey eye has a gold lid with pink and more dark purples for the smudging. This also was a really cute look. Definitely one that I like and would do again. The good thing about this look is that I can substitute the pink for any other cool color that I may be feeling at any given moment. I likey!

Overall I am pleased with this palette, I think this is a good palette for an eyeshadow newbie as it has instructions, primer, and a wide variety of shadows. This palette was available over the holidays but is now available at Smashbox for only $33. I believe it was $44 during the holidays. I didn't see any leftovers at ULTA or Smashbox so if you are interested, the Smashbox site is your best bet.

So as a disclaimer, I must say that all pictures that are taken of me during this time period in my life are crap. I look tired and overall disinterested. This is not the case, I am so excited to do my makeup and post it for you lovely ladies.

Its the weekend so enjoy. Have some wine, take a bubble bath, and get lost in your fave book. I know I will.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm coming home...

Hey peeps. I just wanted to let you know that I am headed home today after work (I also wanted to try out this mobile blog app). Well you ask what does this mean for means there are posts coming!! Yay! Sorry if this is a little goofy I'm just really excited to go home and see the hubs.

Happy Friday xoxo!!

- Posted on location...a day in the life of me!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm still here...

For any of you that were wondering, I am still here. Work of course has been crazy and I was excited to get to finally blog this week from Atlanta so I brought the camera but not the cord. Crap! So to say the least, I have some exciting post to come and just so this post isn't totally bunk, here is my latest love...
Essie's Neo-Whimsical

While I am not at all impressed with the quality of the polish, I love this color. The polish is watery and I had to do like 3 thin coats and it didn't last as long as I like but the color is stellar! Overall I must say that I am not an Essie fan. I have found these polishes to be either too watery or too thick. I'm sticking to OPI but I did stray for this one.

(gotta love cell phone pics)
Ok guys, back to working in the hotel. Have a great rest of the week and I promise I'll be back and better than ever this coming week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Night Out with my Love...

Just wanted to post a quick look from this weekend. My husband and I went out for dinner at a yummy and trendy restaurant here in town. I'm so excited it has warmed up and I just needed a cardigan for a night out. I don't have a lot of "cute" cold weather going out clothes so I am stoked its warm. Today even reached 80*...

Jeans: Express Barely Boot
Top: Sequins from Express
Shoes: Antonio Melani Peep Toe (Dillards)
Makeup: Blue Smokey Eye (seen here)

Happy Monday!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I am Loving...

So being in my "busy season", I haven't had a lot of opportunities to update my blog but I thought I'd clue you guys in on some things I am absolutely loving right now. Here we go!

1. Tweezerman Tweezers: I recently bought a new pair of tweezers and they are so sharp and absolutely  perfection. I didn't even realized that my pair was so dull but with these, the precision is awesome and I can pluck my eye brows in a quarter of the time. Loving these. I chose the reptile pattern so the husband did not have to use a pink pair--hehe.
2. Nike +: Since I last mentioned the Nike running chip, I have kept up with the running recently, despite working longer hours. This is mostly attributable to my friend that also does the Nike +. So far I have ran over 18 miles and yesterday I ran for 2 full miles without stopping. To some this may not seem like a lot but I have always struggled with endurance while running. My mini is loving all of this working out :-)

3. Korres Lip Scrub: Despite living in Florida, this winter has been unusually cold for me. The last 3 weeks have been freezing here. Last week I was in Atlanta for work and it was unusually cold there also. Every morning was 12-17* and it even snowed. This past week in Florida has been as low as high 20's-low 30's and has even brought snow flurries and sleet to Orlando and Tampa. To say the least, my lips have suffered. This product allows me to scrub my lips a couple times a week. My lips stay soft and smooth and my lip stick looks better than ever. This product isn't excessive, meaning it doesn't remove too much skin but just enough to make it smooth and perfect.
4. Bonefish's Pomegranate Martini: This martini has been my fave for a few years now. I have found the recipe online but could never find the syrups in town. My wonderful little sis bought me martini glasses for Christmas so I had to find the ingredients to make these martinis at home. Well thanks to a little friend I call google, I was able to find the receipe and order the syrups. These are amazing! I definitely recommend these if you are a fan of sweet, tasty martinis. Drink up girls!

1.5 oz. vodka (I prefer Grey Goose, Belvedere, or Ketel One)
0.75 oz Monin Pomegranate Syrup
0.75 oz Monin Mango Syrup

Put all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled martini glass and if you want to be Bonefish authentic, add frozen grapes to the drink. Enjoy!

5. Flirty Necklaces: With spring right around the corner, I am so looking forward to the flirty, florals and I have found so many cute floral-ly necklaces that would look great with a cute dress or even jeans and a t-. Here are some I am totally loving!
I am excited for spring overall I think for a few reasons----warmer weather, I can wear dresses again, no working late/weekend, finished with school!!! I bought some really cute things from H&M when I was in Atlanta so keep looking out for those----hopefully one will surface tomorrow night if the hubs takes me out after a long day of work ;-)

Happy weekend to you all and happy 3-day weekend to all of you lucky bastards that get Monday off.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Neutral Nails...

I was looking through my polishes for a neutral color and came across this color from last spring/summer from the OPI Miami Collection---Sand in my Suit!!!

 I wore this one other time and really didn't like it because all of the ridges in my nails were magnified. Thanks to OPI's Ridge Filler, I have fallen in love with this polish. It's a nice frosty neutral with a slight shimmer. I definitely recommend to all of you. What are some of your favorite neutral polish colors? I am always looking for more.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Siete cosas sobre mi...

Seven things about me. I was tagged by the lovely Veronika to post seven randoms about me and since I am in Atlanta, its snowing with nothing to blog, sitting in a hotel room alone, here I go...

(1) I'll first start out with the most important thing to me--the husband. My husband and I met in high school through my best friend. He was "dating" her and I was "dating" his best friend. I have dating in " " due to the fact that what really is dating at the age of 14-15. We started talking and we have been together ever since---that's right. We have been together over 12 years and as much as I think I will regret this, here is a before and after pic.

(Ah So embarrassing!)

(2) I am very creative and love all thing crafting. I like sewing, painting, photography, and scrapbooking. I could easily take a month off of work and do nothing but projects. I have seen paintings at stores like Pier One that I loved and been inspired to paint something similar for my home (which technically may be copyright infringement?! Who knows). As you have seen in other posts, I am beginning to sew and would love to be able to make dresses and skirts that are the perfect fit, design, and fabric for me. When I was first out of college and had the "OMG I am an adult" nervous breakdown, I made a business plan to open a scrapbook store. I had everything decided and mapped out. All I was missing was the experience and money (at least in my opinion lol). My husband is a really great photographer and had a picture, seen below, selected by a national trust company to use at their Christmas cards last year. Love love love creativity!

This is the old federal courthouse in town that is now a performing arts center.

(3) I love TV. I love my TIVO and would be lost without it. I watch some really good shows and then of course I find myself watching the shows that are really not that good but are so addicting. My fave show of all time is Friends. I have seen all of these episodes at least a hundred times each and I can quote any scene and relate the show to most situations in my life---pathetic I know ;-)  Sex and the City is another show that I have watched since the beginning and have seen so much. Currently on my fave show list are: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Project Runway, 90210, The Hills, The City, Gossip Girl, So You Think You Can Dance, Biggest Loser, and I think that's all I can think of now. I love watching TV and a Sunday afternoon spent in PJ's catching up on lost TV is a perfect day for me.

(4)  I am left-handed and think that leads to my creativity. I get this from my mom, who is also left-handed along with one of my two brothers, and my sister. So out of the 6 people in my family, 4 of us are lefties, pretty unusual I think considering only 7-10% of the population is left handed.

(5)  I hate inconsiderate people. This is my pet peeve and the level ranges from the people that throw trash out car windows to people imposing on my life. I hate when people do not spend 15 seconds to consider if their actions affect or impose onto the lives of others before acting. I equate this to selfishness and it really bugs me. My husband tells me this peeve causes me a lot of grief because I am continually surprised when people constantly let me down in this area. I would like to consider myself a very considerate person as I am constantly aware of my actions. I'm getting annoyed just writing that little blurb :-)

(6)  At the ripe old age of 27 I have grey hair! Not one or two but a lot...well maybe a lot is a little dramatic but if you were to look through the top of my head, I bet you could see 20 hairs within like 3 minutes. This has happened in the last year or two and it really surprises me. I am actually going to dye my hair back dark all one color very shortly to get rid of highlights and to cover grey---cannot believe it myself.

(7)  I'm addict to Coke---not the narcotic but rather the soda. I know its horrible for your health, body, teeth, and everything else but I love it. I crave the taste and the caffeine. For my NY Resolution I have promised myself only one a day but I could easily have 3-5 Coke's a day. Love is not even the word!

There ya go---7 things about me. That was a little harder than I thought to come up with. I think most of the bloggers I read have done this but if you haven't I am tagging you now---post 7 things about you so we can get a glimpse of life in your world.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


...Nike +

As part of wanting to be overall healthy in the new year, I am trying out Nike +. This year will be my fourth busy season in public accounting and every year I gain 5-10 lbs during this time. I usually work 60 + hours, six days a week and we eat out a lot. While this fact pattern is not likely to change, I am able to change how I handle my workouts. I was thinking of ways I could fit workouts into my weeks and I was trying to think of ways my plans have failed in the past. So long story short--I decided that my attempts to visit the gym during this time usually fail and therefore running could be a perfect way to squeeze some exercise in.

My friend, H, introduced my to Nike + and I love it. With the 3GS iPhone, all of the workouts are tracked and synced to Nike + website through iTunes. I even have a mini-me that gets super excited when I workout. I can see my friends workouts too and even join challenges. I am currently entered into two challenges against people all over the world.

I really love technology and this is a way for me to workout and have a little fun. What are some ways you are trying to stay healthy in 2010?!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial...

I have decided to do a smokey eye tutorial which was requested by a friend of mine. I wanted to show options so I did one eye a little lighter than the other and I did a brown eye and a blue eye. I think pretty much any dark colors will work for a smokey eye, just depends on your preference and your attire. Please keep in mind this is my first tutorial so let me know what you think and ways I can improve! Let's get started...

First eye will be the brown, lighter smokey eye:

For both looks, a primer should be used to help keep the shadow in place and to not crease and also to intensify the pigments. I am using Two Faced Shadow insurance but Urban Decay Primer Potion is another good option.

Using Two Faced baked shadow in Cocoa Comet and a domed, crease brush make a dark outer "V" using small circular motions.

Using a smudge brush, either of these will work, line the lower 2/3's of your eye with the same brown as above.

Using a shadow brush and a lighter tan color, dab the color onto the lid of the eye. I am using Smashbox color peach from a trio. If you want the look to be darker, you could use a darker shade or simply take the Cocoa color over the lid. Taking the dome crease brush and using whatever brown is leftover on the brush, blend out the dark crease towards the inside of the eye to darken the eye and blend out the lighter color.

Using an angled flat brush and Stila Smudge Pot in bronze, make a thicker liner line along the top lash line and the lower 2/3's of the eye. I make the top line pretty thick. You could use a typical brown liner for this also. Using the smudger brush again, go over the liner a couple of times to smudge out the liner.

At this point you should highlight your eyes using a neutral color. I forgot this step when I was doing mine so you will see I have mascara on but I usually highlight my eyes at this time. I am using the same shadow brush that I wiped on a damp cloth to get rid of the other colors and Benefit shadow in Low Profile. Apply the shadow under the brow and in the inner corner. I usually pick a color without shimmer for the highlight since most of my eyeshadow looks have shimmer in them. You can see below how the dark brown shadow is blended out and the harsh line is soften.

Now apply mascara, I usually do two coats if I am going for a dramatic look. I used DiorShow Blackout but a good drugstore alternative is Lash Blast by CG. And here is the finished look...

Now onto the darker blue look. I did these two different eyes at the same time so in some of these pics you can see the brown on the other eye---don't mind that. Also please disregard by crazy ass eyebrows lol. These instructions are very similar to the previous one so I am not going to be as detailed---ask any questions :-)

Starting with the dome crease brush again and Smashbox shadow in ink, I created a dark "V" to the outer lid.

Using a slightly lighter blue from my 120-palette and a shadow brush, dab the blue over the middle section of the lid.

Using an even lighter blue and the same shadow brush dab shadow on the inner section of the lid.

Using the dome brush and with whatever dark shadow is left on the brush, blend out the shadow by swiping the brush into the crease.

Using a smudge brush and the ink shadow, apply shadow to the outer lower lid and use the light blue shadow and apply to the inner lower lid. Blend where the two shadows meet.

Using a white shadow and the shadow brush, apply the shadow under the brow and to the inner corner. Blend out the dark blue to soften the line.

Apply liner to the upper and lower lids and smudge with the smudger brush. I used Urban Decay 24/7 liner in zero.

Apply mascara and you are good to go!

And to top off the face, I applied MAC Mineralized blush in Superduper Natural and MAC Dazzleglass in Cruise Control. The eyes look pretty funny but I wanted to put a whole look picture up. Maybe close one eye and tilt your head and it will look normal ;-).

All done! Hope you like it and let me know what you think! Happy Friday!


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