Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend Casual & A New Fave...

Hello Lovelies!! It is chilly here! I am in Vero Beach (north of West Palm Beach, south of Daytona Beach) and it is so unusually cold here. I actually had ice on my windshield this morning. I honestly don't mind though, it's fun to have a change of pace (...or weather).

So I have a confession. I am a little disappointed in myself. This Sunday is supposed to be my half marathon and a week and a half or so ago, I decided I just wasn't ready. I was running what was supposed to be nine miles and around mile three, I just lost it. I was having such a hard time and I seriously had a mental breakdown right there. My husband was riding his bike next to me (since it was dark) and I was running pathetically and crying my eyes out. I'm sure it was quite a sight to see. I decided then that if I was having that much trouble with nine miles, I probably wouldn't be able to make it to 13 in just two weeks.

On one hand I am pretty bummed that I practically gave up but on the other hand, I ran up to eight miles and stuck with a running plan for ten weeks. After doing some research, I see that I am definitely not physically ready for a half marathon. At least this has taught me what not to do.

Historically in my life, I have constantly overloaded myself. First it was college, then working crazy hours, then the CPA, and then my master's degree. Now that all of that is finished, I chose running beyond my capabilities as my next challenge. This is the first time in my life where I am just focusing on work and it's surprisingly a hard transition. Hopefully now that I have acknowledged my "overloading", I can start to work on it and try to be happy with just being.

My plan as far as the running goes is going to be to start smaller. I am going to use the Cool Runnings article/training program here to try to train for a 5K with a focus on decreasing my previous time.  They recommend four to five weeks of running 5 days a week, 2 to 3 miles each run. I'm going to start there and then do the training program.

Ok enough of those things and on to my new favorite polish. As some of you know, I am all for a purple or a gray polish. This new polish from the Essie winter collection is a little of both. I have had this on since Sunday and the colors looks purple at some times and gray at other times. I really love this and I honestly think this has moved into my top five favorite polishes.
Essie Smokin' Hot

I had a hard time not getting a blurred picture here.

If you haven't tried this color yet, I highly recommend. The formula is nice too, I painted on Sunday and no chips yet.

...and then just because I can, I thought I'd post a super duper casual outfit from Saturday. I love the zip up hoodies from the Victoria's Secret Pink line. I have had this one since college and I love it.

Tank: Banana Republic
Jeans: Express
Hoodie: Victoria's Secret Pink
Shoes: Converse

What is your favorite thing to wear for a casual romp around town?

xo Mere


  1. I am sorry that you feel overloaded. I think many people are feeling the same way lately, so just know you aren't alone! I hope things get better for you soon =)
    I love that polish, so pretty for Winter. And your casual outfit is beyond cute!

  2. @Beautygirl--Thanks and I do know that I am not alone. Sometimes we just need to step back and realize that. Thanks for the sweet comments.

  3. I have that polish on too and it's so pretty. I normally wear dark purple colors. This is a nice change.

  4. Gorgeous nail color - I'm going to have to hunt that one down! And as for the running - you should be so proud of yourself. I have never even reached 8 miles and the day I do (if ever) I would be ecstatic. That is a huge accomplishment! =)

  5. My fav casual outfit is a jeans sneakers and tee
    and 8 miles is still a huge accomplishment i can't run beyond 3


  6. You were my inspiration for posting my outfit pics yesterday! I love that you do it. :] It gives me good ideas.


  7. Thanks all of you--I love having you all to remind me how lucky I really am. xo

  8. Love that nailpolish color so much I just bought it! I love the murky, dirty colors like OPI Metro Chic, Essie Merino Cool, and Essie Sew Psyched so I know I'll love this! Thanks for sharing!



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