Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stocking Stuffers...

I simply cannot believe that Christmas is next week. I have had a pretty emotionally draining week and hopefully I'll be able to share what for with you all soon. I am about 90% sure it's going to be positive in the end, the unknowns are just exhausting sometimes. I was thinking of perfect stocking stuffers for the beauty/makeup junkie in your life (or you could totally email this link to that special someone that will be filling your stocking). :-)

Here are some things that I would LOVE to find in my stocking...
Urban Decay Mini Primer Potions would be perfect. Even though they are small, if they are anything like the larger ones, they will last a decent amount of time.

Marc Jacobs Lola in rollerball is the perfect size for a stocking. This is my go-to perfume and has been since last Christmas I believe. I really like the scent for day time, sweet and not overpowering.

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glace Kit. These are just stinking adorable and offers a range of colors. 

A cute hair accessory such as these bobby pins from Banana Republic or a fancy headband would be a great addition to any stocking.

I know these seem weird but these are curved bobby pins by Scunci. For anyone that pins bangs back to the side or on top of your head knows that when you use regular bobby pins, you get bug antennas and sometimes it looks silly. These are my fave bobby pins. They curve and lay flat against the head and have no buggy-esque qualities. Love these.

In addition to bobby pins, hair ties such as these are always eluding me. When I cleaned out my bathroom a couple of weeks ago, I found tons of these and my husband would definitely argue that I don't need any of these as he is constantly finding them everywhere but when it comes time for me to need one, they are always missing. I can always use more. I usually by brown to match my hair color. :-)

I have not yet tried the Spin Pins from Goody but I have heard great reviews about them. I think if you have thick hair like mine, you may need two packs but I would love to try these for a cute, easy messy bun.

Essie's Winter Collection in a 4-Pack of Mini's would be perfect for the nail polish lover. These are some great colors and with the mini pack, you get twice the color options for the price. I am slowing increasing my love for Essie. My Smokin' Hot polished lasted like five days, that is unheard of for me. I am usually chipping way sooner than that.

If you need more ideas, Sephora has a whole section of Beauty Mini's which are great for trying new products or for travel size. I recently bought a new face cleaning set from Philosophy in mini to try so I'm not out a large amount of money in case I don't like it. I highly recommend the mini's for stocking stuffers. 

Tomorrow is Friday! I am planning to make some Christmas cookies this weekend and to also finish my Christmas shopping. I am almost done, just need to get the hubs some stocking stuffers and some other miscellaneous things--then I will be finished and can sit and enjoy the season. Christmas cards even went out in the mail today. :-)

xo Mere

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